Where do I leave my footprints?

Where do I leave my footprints, As I tread barefoot on soft sand? . The debris washed ashore last night, Some littered by the litterbugs, I sidestep the ones that lay in a heap, The sweepers clean as… Read More

Falling In Love With A North Indian

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When Sunday Goes Past Me

Have you ever been empowered by the quiet of a Sunday? It fills you with a touch of gentleness, a sort of exquisiteness, You feel its presence without any pretense embrace your soul. . I awake to dawn… Read More


When Herbie J Pilato contacted me to have his book Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story reviewed, I was all nerves. She was the iconic actress whose show I used to watch as a young girl. Having him… Read More

A Heavenly Interlude

I had the distinct pleasure of having the beach to myself that morning. The quiet was so consuming as the waters that rushed to shore breathed music to the ears. I watched the sunrise, one of my most… Read More

Where It Never Rains

I walked once where elephants graced, Where it never rains, Where the dusty ground never felt mud, Where the tired trees were barely consumed by greens, Where the Sun God shined ceaselessly. ~~ It taught me how to… Read More


On the 6th of September, 2007, we made our way to Toronto, Canada, full of hope, plus with a little apprehension for Sasha’s next phase in life – her tertiary education.  She was among the first batch of… Read More

Sweet September

It is hard to believe that September is as sweet as its name, Except when, you see those maples trees turn in shade; red, yellow and a dusty strain.  I walked under those trees one September, marveling at… Read More

A Place to Dream

(A re-post) I found a place to dream, It was a long time ago, In an illusory setting masking the clouds, Where trees were leafless, As they had fallen to the ground. I found a bridge to another… Read More


Words, how you strike like a sword, Leaving imprints that can lift you, Or subject you to distraught. ~~ Words, how you create wisdom, Leaving minds to decipher, Between what’s right and what is wrong, Your insightful deliverance,… Read More


I walked into the woods, following my heart, There was no sound, None, not even the sound of the creatures there abound. ~~ What silenced was the stillness from none other than the Sun, Its rays touched the… Read More

Another Place To Call Home

Do you believe in arranged marriages? What do you think of it? Well, I wrote this story about a girl from India who leaves her home country to marry a total stranger from Malaysia. The wedding is an… Read More