The Rainbow Of My Past

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It could have included you, this rainbow from my past,

It trailed the skies in seven hues,

It presented itself as an illustrious sign of novelty.


As it trailed to the other end of the universe,

Where distance was the only thing that separated us,

I stood in awe at its incredulous beauty,

A tinge of its rays falling softly upon me.


I looked as far as my eyes could see,

Would it perhaps be the sign that leads me to where paradise is?

I so want to see if it belonged to another world,

I so want to be part of its fabled conception.

I sat by the Sea that day,

Wondering about the rainbow that set my heart aflame,

I could have been the seraph with a message that said,

“It could have been you on that rainbow with me.”


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Through my travels, my stories become my footstools.

Is it still the same?

I wonder!

The shortest trip I had ever taken – a 2 day trip to New York in February this year.

What a marathon it was! I still made the World Trade Center – wowed me.

It is funny how we always think the grass is greener on the other side.

I wonder if New York, given the raging Covid-19, is still the same…

The time I was there, it was chilly, absolutely charming, and invigorating! Just gorgeous!

Isn’t is so captivating!
Long distance travel with a mask on is excruciating!

When Talking About It…

Talk about it like it is something of irrelevance,

Because each time you make it relevant, you give rise to fear.

Talk about it like it is a hurdle you have to cross,

To reach that nirvana that we hope to see in our lifetime.


Not all will die of the disease,

History is testament to that.

There will be survivors,

Who will tell of its terrors, and its attacks.


When dusk falls, remember to embrace its magnificence, its splendor,

For you might not see another Sunrise,

To mark your days as a witness.


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The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]