A Letter to Desire

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I hope everyone is safe and sound during these uncertain times.
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These Days Our Thoughts Are Much Clearer…

A rose for you.

These are times that awaken our senses,

As we have rested, we begin a revolution inside of ourselves,

We cry out loud, our fears so very real: – Bring back the world of before,

Before the time of the invented homicide,

Before life was numbered by the hours,

When daybreak dawned, the rat-race began,

It shaped our lives, our thoughts and our minds.


I remember my days as a child,

The friendly seas were my haunt and haunting,

I would sit for hours even after sunset,

Because the Sea stirred peacefully with each tide.


Do you remember your days as a child,

When the flowers crept up your window sill,

The gardens below, they were lush and green,

They created an aura of intrigue.


People were people of course,

They were however of simple minds,

They sipped their tea, while the ovens baked bread,

They accepted the beauty of poverty.

So someday, they would know of a simple childhood that inspired their simple lives.


Unlike the days of yesterday,

Our tomorrows now lie in the way we treat our today,

We have lost generations to an uncertain future.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


It’s the Holy Week for Christians the World Over.

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Today is Palm Sunday, the first day of the Holy Week for Christians the world over.

Well, this year, from the time the restrictive order fell in place, we watched mass live on our television sets. It is not the same. We somehow feel disconnected with Lent.

There is a prevalence of the untimeliness the Covid19 has set upon us. Lent is a time of penance and abstinence, which sad to say, was so lacking. I miss the actual consecration of mass, always, a time of reflection for me.

While writing this, in a world where people are judged by their religion and race, this adage that I follow comes to mind, “Don’t judge me by my religion, judge me for my humaneness, judge me as you would want to be judged. Religion should be used for self-awareness and inner healing. The best religion to follow is “goodness of heart.”

Anyway, Palm Sunday is the final time Christ entered Jerusalem before his crucifixion. He rode a donkey, and people threw palm branches in his path. His arrival on a donkey, shows his humbleness, and is an act of peace, hence why he is known as the Prince of Peace.

So then, like every time there is a catastrophe, people begin to see what it means to be humble, compassionate, understanding, and work together for a common cause.

This is one situation, that people of our time has never experienced. It has opened our eyes to the complexity of an unprepared world. It has brought on a fear so great that nothing else matters but to stay unaffected, to stay alive, to go back to times of past when it was a free world. I think from now on, we have learnt to never take things for granted.

Let’s stand together to eradicate the Covid19 interference in all our lives. It could possibly mean a check and balance to world order.

Have a blessed Holy Week, and let us hope the Easter bunnies bring nothing but good cheer.

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