My trip to Lourdes from Paris

The weather has been terrible here. Rain and dark skies, floods wreaking havoc with lives, not to mention the recession that is looming ahead in every part of the world. I hope all of you are fine. Well,… Read More

13 days in France and a taxi driver named Pierre.

Having spent 13 days in France changed me. I traveled a lot, and from the time I touched down, I discovered so much from beauty, love for nature, art, historians, and even hostility. People are proud of their… Read More

Nostalgia published on MasticadoresIndia

My poem titled, Nostalgia is published on MasticadoresIndia. Please read it here: Thank you, Terveen for the publication. As always you did a great job describing the poem so aptly. I haven’t been around lately, first due… Read More