Some positive thoughts my way!

Nothing like being given the confidence boost:) A feedback from an English Author on The Healing Riverbeds:And the good news is, she has proposed that we work on a joint collaboration on promoting the book. By Loretta Milan,… Read More

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2020

Free to Read. Deadline: 31st May, 2020

Hidden In The Crevices Of┬áTime There are times when certain events in life stay imprinted in the sub-conscious mind, only to surface when you least expect it. There are times when past incidences create an altogether new awakening,… Read More

The Rainbow Of My Past

It could have included you, this rainbow from my past, It trailed the skies in seven hues, It presented itself as an illustrious sign of novelty. . As it trailed to the other end of the universe, Where… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful ladies everywhere!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies out there. Have a lovely celebration. Stay Safe and let’s see this dreadful Covid19 through together! Subscribe to my channel: -shobana-

When the warmth of the Sun is just Awaking

Some days there are tiny crabs that show itself on those sands, Those are days when the warmth of the Sun is just awaking, When the tides playfully rush to shore. . You might pick one of those… Read More

Paperback Edition of The Healing Riverbeds is now available on Amazon.

The Healing Riverbeds – On Kindle (USD0.99) promotional price for a limited time.

If you wrote a letter to yourself, what would you say? Would you start it on an apologetic note, or would it be on an upbeat tone? Do you believe that life is what you make of it?… Read More

Another Day, he said.

“What do you mean by another Day,” she asked him. . The days are reflected through its hours, Time never sees it as a companion, Nor aquaint it by comparison, As Sunrise is a dawn’s highlight, At noon,… Read More

Earth Day

Let it be what it should be, A day of Sunrises, Summery love affairs, A radiantly lit sky, of enraptured hearts and minds, A paradise that’s as perfumed as the sprawling gardens of petals, An entrancing stretch of… Read More


Argentina, I have heard about you… You were of days gone old, Sultry looks, pouty lips, a sculptured face, Your sensuousness redeemed a nation’s creed. . Argentina, the crops once grew wild, Where the wars ravaged the gardens… Read More

It’s the Holy Week for Christians the World Over.

This is one situation, that people of our time has never experienced. It has opened our eyes to the complexity of an unprepared world. It has brought on a fear so great that nothing else matters but to stay unaffected, to stay alive, to go back to times of past when it was a free world. I think from now on, we have learnt to never take things for granted.