In Search For A Place Called Paradise

Wake the world up? It’s been asleep far too long. Complacent, Unminding… Go look for the harbour of safety, for we are now steeped in turbulent uprising. Where do we start? How do we find the way to… Read More

Outshone by Elegance

Pure, framed amongst a garden of serenity, You bloomed, a spectacular vision, Arousing sensuality, your sanctity, an abstract of sacredness. . Amidst you, stood the ones of colors display, Some in shades that beguiled the garden to wakefulness,… Read More

Like the rainbow of the Niagara Falls

It was a drizzling that day, when I stood before the mighty Niagara Falls. Some felt the rain, while others stood, their umbrellas so out of context against the awesome panorama of majesty, that was Niagara. My umbrella… Read More