Who Said What!

Did you really think that? What?? Whisper, whisper,whisper, The words gets mangled, the news get distorted, the topic becomes another…. ~~~ What?? Did she really do that? Is he really the billionaire? Where did they find her? In… Read More

It’s Aarav’s 1st Birthday Next Week!

A gift with much love from Shobana!

In Every Color, I See A Little Of You.

In every color, I see a little of you, Blue – in the serenity of your face, Red – the flaming fire of love in your eyes, Yellow – Brightness that magnifies your laughter, Orange – that shade… Read More

Sunday Notes for the Soul

Life is as fragile as the Bunga Raya petals. Value it. Even when its beauty fades, didn’t it outshine once to leave a lasting impression? I woke up, so I am gifted with another day. I watched the… Read More

Happy 73rd Independence Day India!

Happy 73rd Independence Day to all of India, with special mention to the staff and editors of Subtledge-Indus – India, who published my article on their website to commemorate the auspicious occasion.You can view it here. (The Fire… Read More

If The World Had A Window..

“So then, does the world have a window? If it did, what would it overlook?” He looks bemused at her quizzing, “Well, I don’t know, Maybe it would overlook the sprawling Himalayas, or maybe even the Red Canyons,… Read More

Fearing the Fearless

Not even the dark clouds that gathered ahead of me, deterred me. There were the known among the unknown, and I knew I had the choice of an ant, when its crosses the borders between bark and leaves,… Read More

Does Earth Have A Destiny

(An Extract from “The Healing Riverbeds” Read it on Kindle $0.99) Does the world have a destiny? I mean, does Earth which is home to every species and living organisms known to humanity, have a destiny? I… Read More

You, the difference

Have you noticed how a picture stands out in the dark? The ambience without clutter, The radiance without daylight, The luminescence under a moonlight. ~ Do you feel like you are in another dimension? Like your feet is… Read More

Then I Came Along

A long time ago, When Sunrises were taken for granted, I ran with the wildflowers, growing tall on sprawling meadows. ~ Some days were long, While others thrust forward, just like the milestones I tread, Liberating, freeing and… Read More

When You Swim With The Sharks

Some books that might interest your summer reading! A review will be much appreciated. Have a safe, wonderful weekend everyone. The Healing Riverbeds is an entry for the Kindle UK Storyteller Contest. $0.99 on Kindle. “Mom, do you… Read More

One Mind, One Choice.

There were days when my wings were clipped, and I couldn’t fly away with the wind, There were too many who constricted my flight, They came in droves, some to participate, some to witness, a killing gone wrong…. Read More