I saw the moon the night before Monday, Gloriously shining its rays, the whole sky burned with its love, It said, “Adieu, Adieu, Sunday – let’s make way for Monday, Make sure you see the Sun before you… Read More

Saying it like you mean it!

Have you heard the mirth of a child? Full of innocence that even the biggest of troubles seem inconsequential. Have you ever seen how an angry child behaves? He throws a tantrum to get what he wants. And,… Read More

There was light, there was the Sunshine.

Another time, when the Sun overruled darkness, the world rejoiced. There was light, there was the sunshine, There was the zest for living in everyone. ~~~~ Someday, when the Sun goes down, Would you be awake to catch… Read More

Just A Little Color

The colors of this world are astounding, It breathes enchantment, nourishes the senses while at the same time calms one’s mind – shobana ~~~~~ This time the world is quieter, solemn, thoughtful and quite colorful. The distant seems… Read More

Come October…

Come October… It’s the National Poetry Day in the UK – 01/10/2020 – Theme (Vision) Context Taken from Wikipedia National Poetry Day was founded in 1994 by William Sieghart who said, “There are millions of talented poets out there and… Read More

Of a Rose

There is that beauty, then there is the thorn, There is the luscious beauty born. As you gaze at its adorning crown, Beware, the hidden thorn, It waits to prick you, Be forewarned. ~~ The fragrant rose is… Read More


One day, when the Sun hid behind the pure white cumulus clouds, Its rays far-reaching and blazing, The leaves on the trees strewn by its tracing light, The mountains on the far ends, overlooking sunlit grounds, I asked… Read More


Jacky, My sister, My Friend, My Business Partner, We shared a dream once… Rest in Peace. -shobana-

The Once Upon A Baby

Today is my daughter Sasha’s birthday. She is the girl who followed her dreams, made a success of it against all odds, married the man of her dreams and now has a baby as dreamy as she was… Read More

When Sunday Goes Past Me

Have you ever been empowered by the quiet of a Sunday? It fills you with a touch of gentleness, a sort of exquisiteness, You feel its presence without any pretense embrace your soul. . I awake to dawn… Read More


When Herbie J Pilato contacted me to have his book Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story reviewed, I was all nerves. She was the iconic actress whose show I used to watch as a young girl. Having him… Read More

A Heavenly Interlude

I had the distinct pleasure of having the beach to myself that morning. The quiet was so consuming as the waters that rushed to shore breathed music to the ears. I watched the sunrise, one of my most… Read More