If roses are a rarity, surely purity would be a scarcity!

(From my book Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps) Today, the roses are in full bloom, Dew drop touched leaves, its escort, There is magic pervading the air, Can you see it? .I whisper little notes of secret into… Read More

Then I Came Along

A long time ago, When Sunrises were taken for granted, I ran with the wildflowers, growing tall on sprawling meadows. ~ Some days were long, While others thrust forward, just like the milestones I tread, Liberating, freeing and… Read More

It’s the Holy Week for Christians the World Over.

This is one situation, that people of our time has never experienced. It has opened our eyes to the complexity of an unprepared world. It has brought on a fear so great that nothing else matters but to stay unaffected, to stay alive, to go back to times of past when it was a free world. I think from now on, we have learnt to never take things for granted.