The Singing Christmas Tree

There is a far-off land that comes alive on Christmas, A magical land endowed by the ancient heavens, Of beauteous landscapes, the air is as fresh as herbs, Of virgin beauty, it is empowered by majestic mountains. There… Read More

Everything You Imagine Is Real – Pablo Picasso

An Excerpt from my new book on Kindle, The Healing Riverbeds – USD0.99cents  “Mom, have you heard of Picasso? The great Pablo Picasso, the Spanish Painter?” Sandra nodded that she did. “Why what about him, my dear child?”… Read More

When the warmth of the Sun is just Awaking

Some days there are tiny crabs that show itself on those sands, Those are days when the warmth of the Sun is just awaking, When the tides playfully rush to shore. . You might pick one of those… Read More