Samuel’s Grace, Free Book by Stephen Allen, The Enchantress & Her Wildsong- Discounted Book

Free Book to Read on Shobana’s Book Station A touching story of compassion and friendship forged by Stephen Allen. Short Profile by Stephen:I was born in Ireland, but have lived in many countries. I currently reside in Austria…. Read More


It is my pleasure to announce the Write Shobana A Poem winners as follows: 1. Petals of Deceit by Stephen Allen Rose petals pressed dead between hand written pages Rescued from the final insult among crumpled words… Read More

A poem for an Ebook

To all you talents and wordsmiths out there. Write Shobana a poem and win a free Ebook. You get to choose the book you want! Write me a poem and name the book you are interested to read…. Read More