Qui Suis Je?

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I suddenly thought of my French connection when speaking to a friend this morning.

I used to work for a French Company, and they sent me for French classes since the correspondences with the Head Office in France were mainly in French. I used to work directly for the Director, so knowing at least the basics was important. They have since ceased operations here. However, not only have I gained in acquiring another language, I also think that French is the most romantic language of all. I still study it online. The only sad thing is that I am more inclined to the written form than grasping the spoken form.

Here’s a little poem I wrote in French:

Je suis le soleil
Je suis la mer
Je suis l’étoile qui illumine la nuit.
Je suis l’enfant
Je suis la femme
Je suis celui qui te dote d’amour

Qui suis je?

Translation: I am the Sun, I am the Sea, I am the star that brightens the night, I am the child, I am the woman, I am the one who endows you with love. Who am I? – shobana –

Image result for free images of a blinding light

This dream of a picture

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I saw this dream of a picture,

That traced the colors, blue.

Cossetted by rocks, boulders, and stones,

Of springs of rushing waters,

A touch of sensation,

A vibrant display of hues.

At its height of beauty, when night time did fall,

A shining light did I see,

Nestled between cavernous hues.

It brought back a dream I once dreamed.

The one where the blinding light shone.


In that dream where blue tints tickled my senses,

The white light that shone bright, led me through,

A dark and winding path to nowhere,

The road took me away from gloom.


I now am showered by blue spring waters,

That rushed to create ripples below,

down to a stream that winds into rivers and seas,

And, glides past rocks and boulders and stones.


Today is Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the Lenten season for Catholics. It is a holy day in the Christian calendar and a day of fasting and repentance.

The Lenten season which lasts for 40 days is a season for reflection and preparation before the Easter celebrations.

My family and I used to attend the early morning mass on Ash Wednesdays to receive the ash, however, this year, due to the pandemic, masses are conducted online.

The priest places a sign of the cross with the ashes, (from burnt palm leaves used to celebrate Palm Sunday, the previous year), on the foreheads of the congregation. Before placing the ashes, he says,

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust, you shall return.”

The ashes are a sign of both death and repentance. During Lent, Christians mourn the death of Christ on the cross and usually refrain from any celebrations.

Fasting and abstinence takes precedence on this journey of cleansing and spiritual healing.

We give up our favorite food and lavish spending during this period.

And, most of all, we become humble servants of God.

It is when good is reflected from you, that it becomes the cornerstone of your life, thus emanating peace and joy to the people surrounding you.

Here are the lyrics to a beautiful song I want to share today.

We Rise Again from Ashes (Tom Crony)

We rise again from ashes, from the good we’ve failed to do.
We rise again from ashes, to create ourselves anew.
If all our world is ashes, then must our lives be true?
An offering of ashes, an offering to You.

Then rise again from ashes, let healing come to pain.
Though spring has turned to winter, and sunshine turned to rain.
The rain we’ll use for growing, and create the world anew,
From an offering of ashes, an offering to You.

Have a blessed Lenten journey everyone – shobana

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