The last time I wrote about reflections, I was inspired by a song by the Marmalade.

There are days when you reflect on the has been, what is and the come what may.

Today I reflect on the has been.

08/09 will forever be etched in our hearts and minds as a grim reminder of the day my brother died. He was the last of my siblings, young, energetic, with a great smile, well-dressed and a successful entrepreneur. He was incredibly intelligent. He could memorize things in a split second just like the calculations he does in his mind without the use of a calculator.

We were at the Niagara Falls when we got the distressing news very early in the morning. The previous night, I had been entranced by The Niagara at nightfall. I couldn’t get over the awesomeness of the place.

I can never explain the pain or sense of loss I felt when I heard the news. He and I were really close. Before I left to Canada, he had spent time with us till late night. Asking me over and over again, if I wanted to go the next day. Why?, he asked, and I said, It’s something I had to do.

He died a day before his birthday.

His birthdays are always celebrated in style.

I think right now he is in a happy place, with my sister and dad, playing a game of cards. He was a great guy and one of his favorite song was Imagine by John Lennon.

He was always a dreamer. Always that guy who is there to help someone in need in any way he can.

He believed in miracles, he believed that everyone deserved a chance, he would help the poor without a second thought, he was always the giver. Never once biased about race, culture or religion. Rest in Peace, Desmond.

Here’s Imagine for you.

Another week starts. Here’s A Reason for you.

Hey Everyone,
Another week starts, and I wonder what lies in store for us. Nothing unbeatable I hope.

A Reason

Here’s a reason why I look to the sun,

It always shines bright,

Bridging the divide between dark and cumbersome.

I look away from sadness,

Not that it doesn’t affect me,

Like you, it takes the sun away from my life.

Would you fault me for that?

Each day brings with it a sad song,

I am tired to see all the wrongs,

Each day has its own setbacks,

Why can’t there be a day to lay it to rest,

However, there is a light that springs forth from all sadness,

That will lead you not astray.

To experience sadness 

is to

treasure happiness.

It is a topsy-turvy world out there,

Do not fault me if I seek the sun?


Reading takes you to places you have never been – shobanaHere I talk about Another Place to Call Home.

Last Night I Wrote About September

It was autumn when I stepped into its shoes, so far away from home, as far-reaching as the rainbow that crossed the universe one morning when I was there.

Last night I wrote about September. How the month is special in more ways than one. 

September brings forth fond memories as well as crushing ones.

It hurts that you are gone, the pain still raw like it has just begun. But then, you are there someplace where no hurt can touch your kindred heart. So then, I write here what makes September a special month for all.

Have a great month everyone.

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Nature’s Five Reflections of Freedom

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Nature’s five reflections of Freedom:

  • The price of liberty is freedom.
  • Freedom is described and achieved through different interpretations.
  • Nature’s reflection of freedom is priceless.
  • Freedom flourishes in the simplest.
  • Freedom is a priced commodity.

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