The Rainbow Of My Past

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It could have included you, this rainbow from my past,

It trailed the skies in seven hues,

It presented itself as an illustrious sign of novelty.


As it trailed to the other end of the universe,

Where distance was the only thing that separated us,

I stood in awe at its incredulous beauty,

A tinge of its rays falling softly upon me.


I looked as far as my eyes could see,

Would it perhaps be the sign that leads me to where paradise is?

I so want to see if it belonged to another world,

I so want to be part of its fabled conception.

I sat by the Sea that day,

Wondering about the rainbow that set my heart aflame,

I could have been the seraph with a message that said,

“It could have been you on that rainbow with me.”


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

I wonder!

The shortest trip I had ever taken – a 2 day trip to New York in February this year.

What a marathon it was! I still made the World Trade Center – wowed me.

It is funny how we always think the grass is greener on the other side.

I wonder if New York, given the raging Covid-19, is still the same…

The time I was there, it was chilly, absolutely charming, and invigorating! Just gorgeous!

Isn’t is so captivating!
Long distance travel with a mask on is excruciating!


Did you miss me today?

You wrote with sadness, the ink red,

Do you remember the last time when we spoke?

We were alone in a crowd,

Our eyes spelt what the weather portrayed,

Downcast, clouds a little heavy with rain.


Where is the value in artistic talents?

Well, there was once a street urchin,

Whose strokes brought barely a glance from passers-by,

He did think his work princely, though,

And, never did stray from his daily pursuits.


He never did sell a work of his art,

Until one day, he left this world for another,

His princely art, showcased as legacy of his good breeding.


And, the world?

It knew, it had lost a man of brilliance to ignorance and disregard,

Now, standing in awe, awarding him prestige,

Honor he had never received when alive,

Would there be regret? Of course, on every lips,

Too late, as he had died, a pauper,

He can neither see or hear “appreciation.”


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The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]

When Talking About It…

Talk about it like it is something of irrelevance,

Because each time you make it relevant, you give rise to fear.

Talk about it like it is a hurdle you have to cross,

To reach that nirvana that we hope to see in our lifetime.


Not all will die of the disease,

History is testament to that.

There will be survivors,

Who will tell of its terrors, and its attacks.


When dusk falls, remember to embrace its magnificence, its splendor,

For you might not see another Sunrise,

To mark your days as a witness.


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The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]


Out of nothingness came that speck of hope,

That light that everyone tries to find at the end of a tunnel,

I, at the least was the master of my fate, though I must say that,

It was not the type of fate that you would envision for someone like me,

There were days when nothingness was quite the luxury.


Every day when the Sun rises,

I breathe with renewed hope,

Another day to welcome, Another gift to see the world around me,

My vision clears all misconceptions,

Am I not the survivor of ridden clouds.


I have lived more than the years that are upon me,

I have outlived the storm that had once straddled me,

Those storms, now I see them as hurdles so small,

At one time, they did overwhelm me.


Yes, out of nothingness I have seen a ray of hope,

Out of nothingness, I am but who I was meant to be.


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The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]

Hidden In The Crevices Of Time

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Hidden In The Crevices Of Time

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful ladies everywhere!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies out there. Have a lovely celebration. Stay Safe and let’s see this dreadful Covid19 through together!

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When the warmth of the Sun is just Awaking

Crab, Crustacean, Claw, Marine

Some days there are tiny crabs that show itself on those sands,

Those are days when the warmth of the Sun is just awaking,

When the tides playfully rush to shore.


You might pick one of those little crabs, feel it tickle the palm of your hands,

And wonder at how it survives in a big world.


The world is large enough, it tells the story,

Look at me, I have the ocean, the sands, the beautiful clouds,

the magnificence that surrounds crustaceans like me.


My world might only last a day,

The Seagulls might prey on me,

But, even through the hours of my survival,

I know the big world enough to whisper of it as paradise.


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-shobana- Copyright@shobanagomes2020

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If you wrote a letter to yourself, what would you say? Would you start it on an apologetic note, or would it be on an upbeat tone?

Do you believe that life is what you make of it?

I, for one, believe that life is much like a jigsaw puzzle, with tiny fragments and pieces divided into segments that you must discover, discern, unearth, and fit in the right perspective to survive.

To that end, here is a story which might capture your interest. “The Healing Riverbeds,” paves the promising way in which as survivors of the deadly Covid19 virus attack on civilization, we can visualize a better world in the future.

The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]

Another Day, he said.

“What do you mean by another Day,” she asked him.


The days are reflected through its hours,

Time never sees it as a companion,

Nor aquaint it by comparison,

As Sunrise is a dawn’s highlight,

At noon, the day seeps into a stimulating fiesta,

The evening is by far its prized moments,

For it disappears into Sunset, far across the horizon,

When as lovers, we covet with Another Day,

There is a promise awaiting,

As we enjoy the darkest hours with one another,

Another Day will give rise to heartfelt expectation.


All rights reserved.

It Is Now A Tomorrow’s World!

the summer day

How would you envisage life in a year or so?

One of awakened senses?

Perhaps with the dawn of light,

An enlightening of the soul.


The rays of the Sun trickle through tall, sturdy trees,

Trees that have survived time,

They have grown tall and shade the streets,

Calm streets, untread by hurried feet,

Applaud their heritage.


There is no air that chokes the greenest of its leaves.

I have seen the dust settle on some of those leaves,

A long time ago, when Man wasn’t as conscious of his inaction to preserve nature,

It did choke the tiny birds and insects that feed on the leaves,

Some left bereft of its essence.


Now, I take quiet footsteps,

The stilling silence, nature’s inheritance,

I breathe the most freshest of air,

The smog has cleared, the calm has settled.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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