The Magic Rose

I thought there was something magical about you,

The way you draped your petals around the soft finery of your stems,

Thorns to protect – from the ravages of eager revelers,

While your beauty lights up an uneven world.


Sometimes I bask in your limelight,

Often surrounding myself with your fragrance,

Someday, you will see my portion and my stumbles,

As I stay hidden in your quiet embrace.


And, what will you say to me,

When you have discovered that I wanted a little of you,

Not everything, but that permeating air of magic.

Perhaps, you will chide me for my fondness of you,

Suffocating emotions, you may call it.


But I will stay bold and reply with chaste innocence,

It is your magic that mesmerizes my whole being,

My senses have been attuned to your beauty,

I will do as my heart desires,

I will share your beauty with my hidden feelings.


A night of ‘Sangeet’

A lovely night at a friend’s gorgeous daughter’s sangeet with some friends.


Sangeet means music, and is a pre-wedding celebratory function for Punjabi(s) and North Indians though now getting popular with the South Indians too.

It is traditionally a ladies musical party since the ladies who attend the function in colorful finery, sing and dance the night away. All of them at the function looked in a robust mood and all dressed up in grand fashion.

The food was great. In fact it was the first time I attended one and it was great to have witnessed the traditional celebration.

The groom presented his bride with a bouquet of flowers and just before he entered the hall, there was fireworks on display.

What a night it was!

Well, I got to wear the saree after a long time, haha. My mom was thrilled. She is always complaining that my sister and I don’t wear it as often as she would like us to. I had picked out a Malayali sari to wear but she asked me to wear something colorful and grand since that was how the guests would dress for a Sangeet. I was glad I followed her advice because when I got there, everyone was all dolled up and colorfully attired.

The bride looked absolutely gorgeous. Blessings to the couple on their auspicious occasion.

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