The Path of Shadowed Fronds

I walk the path of shadowed fronds,

Trailing the sands,

with steps shallow,

For the tides,




wash away

my tardy footprints.


Far across the horizon,

the sun is flawless,

Shining through cloudless skies, 

silencing the breeze,

that waltzes with the tides.

I am but a wayfarer in this world of contradictions,

Where truth and lies,

are at play with man’s affections,

They magnify, and yet they devour,

They parry not without each other,

For what is man,

without his priceless words of variation.

One day this, and on another – an exclamation;

It is but there in his mind,

to see a tale and tell a lie,

to see suffering and not bear its strife,

to neither stop or carry the burden of befriending,

the harshness of life,

or of those kind of wiles.

I am but a wayfarer in a world of reckoning,

Where words flow through hardened hearts,

and dissolve in unshed tears,

where sadness can remain in Bravehearts,

not heard of,

not seen,

and dismissed as an encumbrance.


The other thing about love

I wait, he once said to me.

To see the world awaken to the story of you and me.

Can you not see? I say to him, beguiling,

The world now stands to attention, the flowers have bloomed, the earth has resounded, the choirs of angels boom.

It is strange, how the world has created a diversion,

for you and me, to live a tale of madness.


There is that hurt that needs to be forsaken,

No matter the pain.

Why do you hurt? I ask,

Do you not see, he says. For if you see, hurt, just like fear are meant to buried without a chance to resurgence.


These are the ways of love,

that first impression – it lingers, lasting forever

that touch that kindles – even through the deep recesses of your being,

the light in your eyes – a spark to illuminate.

that flicker of a smile – a balm to hurt and pain

that caress – of softness it represents

that kiss – a ripple that will waken your senses to love without reasoning.


Have you heard? Of love stories that have transcended time?

The ones that have touched the core of hardened souls.

Or of the ones who hear and who cry,

Love transcended to another time, another place,

Love that have filled you with remorse,

Love that owns your mortal soul,

Of love that is as obsessive as it is inhibiting. Have you found love like that?


No, he says.

All true love hurts, all true love transforms, all true love endures the test of time.


Voudrais-tu marcher son mon chemin (Would you like to walk my path)

Though I live on borrowed time,

Amongst simplest deeds and love divine,

where flowers blossom, they may not be one in kind,

they lift my spirits,

to another rhyme,


Just like music.

Sorrowed pasts have I left behind,

Once they weighed heavy upon my kindred mind,

Though the tears,

Though the sadness,

I realize,

They were just madness.


Voudrais-tu marcher sur mon chemin,

Voudriez-vous partager la beauté de l’amour divin,

J’ai faim de voir le chemin que nous avons parcouru ensemble.

J’ai faim de voir le chemin que nous avons parcouru ensemble.


(Would you like to walk my path,

Would you share the beauty of love divine,

I hunger to see the path we have strode together,

I hunger to see the path we have strode together)


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