Her Name is Spring…

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She was once a bud, until she bloomed and showed the world what it was to be a flower…

Don’t lovers have an affinity with flowers?

It is how they relate when words fail,

Or, when they stand with heads bowed,

Misdeeds are often forgotten, the fragrance becomes the perfume that captivates a tender heart.


On a day when the flowers were of aplenty,

Their blooms like their namesake, dancing vibrant and free, much like the colors that is of freedom,

Their gentleness as inspiring as Spring,

Stood the world at their feet,

Basking at their prominence,

Basking at their radiance,

The healing world stood in awe of a captivating sight.

It was to them, a long forgotten sight.


They left Spring untouched,

For they had learned the lesson of ruination,

They left Spring to the next generation,

For the one they lived in, were slowly awakening to restoration.


Spring danced with joy,

She could now waltz with the Sun,

Tickle the leaves,

And recreate a rooted paradise.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


Why of Beauty, He asked….


Why? Why of beauty?

Have you ever seen the way the skies react on a pristine, sparkling day,

They gather scattered clouds, colors of some a darker blue than the rest, the pastels emerging white,

They sail, they move, they assemble in colossal plots to magnify Earth’s hidden jewels.


I write of beauty, somedays, to take away ugliness,

Like love reflected on the eyes of Man, for the woman of his arduous desire,

I write of beauty to overshadow the wrath of repulsion,

Beauty calms the wildest thoughts,

Beauty touches the raw of wounds,

Beauty does not taint, it amplifies the world with its eminence.

She walks away, as she always does,

With a smile that captures his telling heart,

The beauty of it that magnifies,

His ardent desire for a love of a kind.

-shobana- All Rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Little Mercies Of Life

On days when the mornings are quiet,
When the birds rest in their nests,
When roads are deserted,
When silence disowns noise,
When you stand apart from others like you,
You will be the sole heir to the little mercies of life…


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