The winning poem published in the Enchanted Conversation Magazine, February 2018 edition.

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It is the exquisite enchantment of finding love in the most unlikely of place.

Sometimes its presence whispered by the leaves that stand on sturdy trees on a vast sheer bed of green, so green that it gives the tired eye the refreshing look it so deserves.

The sunlight that catches the tiny speck of glint in her eye makes sure that it also gives it a surreal look.

She embraces its dignity with warm stunning stares, the contours of which indulge in shining love.

She sits high on the hammock tied to a tree

And as she swings sideways singing to the birds that keep her company

Her words are carried far by the light gentle breeze

Her voice that magnify clarity taking the half hidden deer standing between the bushes by surprise and looking up in awe and possibly saying that it is a call from the Goddess of Songs.

The blue of the hills in the distant somewhere collide with drifting clouds that swiftly passes it by

And the wistfulness of the valleys that lay below in a shrouded mist

Hear the sound of an angel somewhere far between them

They echo in resonance in a sweet nostalgic reverence

This Goddess of Song speaks to man and beast alike

Even nature stands in testimony to her coveted embrace

Just as the butterflies and the bees feed on the nectar of their love

The flowers that bloom in prominence discover their radiance

As the sun disappears blending into those hills another time

The song of Goddess becomes a distant song

The spectacular display of a myriad of colors that stream through the sky await the night sky

Just as the stars await to flaunt their presentation

There she goes the Goddess of Song

To quiet the embrace of the night

To return when daybreak consumes her mind

And bring soul to a waiting world once more.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

Leaving A Sigh, A Gentle Hush, A Lullaby

It is so becoming, the Sun’s rising and setting, its reflection on tranquil waters,

They become a union, don’t you think? This reflection…

It masks the sky, the seas, and where clouds appeared once,

They now blend into nothingness.

Camouflaged by the colors streamed through skies,

They create a striking ambience, one that shimmers at a glance,

One that beguiles as they enchant,

One that rises as graceful as the subtle tides.

This reflection…

A vision to many,

A due occurrence to the beholder,

An awesome interference to a worldly corner.

As surely as its timely appearance,

Its departs at an opportune moment.

Leaving a sigh, a gentle hush, a lullaby.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

To the Rose of My Heart

Rose of My Heart

“It is you,” he said, ever so softly,

“You are the rose of my heart,” his eyes shaded with unspilt tears.

The wind did bring it to her ears,

It carried it far and wide, across oceans,

Across mountains, and through rushing tides.

“Catch it, and keep it close to your heart,” he whispered.

She touched the tender wisps of his words that felt soft on her lips.

She heard his voice as a gentle caress,

She caught it, while its softness endeared him to her heart,

Bearing a craving for his love,

To embrace her in the petals of his love, wrapped in rose buds of eternal flame.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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