A Podcast – The Healing Riverbeds

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The Healing Riverbeds. Impromptu Photos Are The Best!

Welcome to this podcast titled, The Healing Riverbeds.Little Anna has a philosophical outlook of how her world should be like. She begins to draw a picture and starts with a tree and a bird.However, the picture remains incomplete, and Anna decides that she will wait till the riverbeds heal and till its waters flow freely once again before she completes it. Listen to a child's perspective of how her world should be like as she quotes Picasso, Everything you imagine is real!A great meditative podcast for all.-shobana-


Fly Higher

Flutterby: Chasing Butterflies | Butterfly, Thich nhat hanh, Brain injury
Though winged, you left your freedom to rest on my fingers,

A respite so brief,

I felt your softness linger and loved your touch,

You made me feel the fragility of your life, your flight, your resting place at that moment,


You will fly away in a few short moments,

Though you leave a lasting impression, an endearment,

Upon my lips,

that whisper,

Fly away little butterfly, Fly higher,

Keep those wings of flight so gentile,


Never succumb to the harshness of nature,

Never inhibit your flight of ascent,

For I have waited in vain for those wings that crown you,

As I let you go, I feel crushed and defeated.


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