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Ends: 11/07/2021

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A story hard to tell

I listened, and listened,

I had a story too, to tell,

But it seemed so inconsequential, when I heard the other stories,

They were stories that needed to be told as well.


The world is full of stories,

Not one not worth the time listening,

I kept my story for another day,

I would tell it to someone who had none to tell.


Wherefore art thou my soulmate? The stories have reached unnumbered pages, chapters not yet erased,

I wait for the end but it is in vain.


Write me a poem and win an Ebook.

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For writers: I write because…

For readers: I love books about…

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Plus, I am still adding to my collection:) Here’s the latest:

Rattle Poetry Prize

Hi All,

Please be informed as follows. Rattle is as you know, a leading, prestigious poetry magazine, with a wide range of submission opportunities. And, I thought I would just put Tim’s email here because of the links to the submissions. (I promised to share this:)

I hope it serves the poets here. Good luck – shobana

Dear Shobana,
This is just a quick reminder that the 2021 Rattle Poetry Prize deadline is only a week away!

Next Thursday, we’ll start the long process of reading all the entries, and I hope some of your poems will be in the running for the $15,000 first prize.

As a non-profit, Rattle’s mission is to promote the practice of poetry, and this annual contest is probably the most important thing we do all year. The goal is to keep as many people as possible excited about poems—not only reading them, but also writing and sharing them. That’s why the $25 entry fee is just a year’s print subscription, and that’s why we’ve made the prize so big. 

Since we never ask for donations, this also serves as our annual fundraiser. About half of your entry fee pays for the paper and postage on your subscription, which includes four issues of Rattle magazine and four chapbooks—but the rest helps support our other projects, like Poets Respond, the Ekphrastic Challenge, and the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor, that pay poets but don’t generate any revenue. So if you appreciate our principles of free and fair regular submissions, open access online, and eclectic and meaningful poetry, the best way to support it all is to subscribe. 
And the best way to subscribe is through this contest. You might as well toss a poem or four into the ring and have a chance at the first prize, while receiving a valuable subscription and helping Rattle run in the process—it’s a win-win-win!
Past winners of the Rattle Poetry Prize have included students, a retired school teacher, and a federal judge, as well as several nationally acclaimed poets. In 2012, Heidi Shuler won with the first poem she ever published. Last year it was Alison Townsend’s unforgettable “Pantoum from the Window of the Room Where I Write.” You can read 15 years of winners (168 poems in all) at our website.

Don’t let past winners be a guide for style or subject matter, though—entrants tend to submit longer poems to this competition, assuming that more words will have a better chance at winning, but we love short and formal poems, too. In the same way, many of the winners have been heavy and dark in subject matter, but we also love humor and beauty. Just enter your best, because we want the winning poems to be eclectic.

There are two ways to enter: through the mail or through our Submittable portal online. Whichever you choose, we’ve tried to make it as easy a process as possible, and we promise to announce the winners on September 15th, as we have every year. 

To read the full guidelines, click here. You can also go straight to our Submittable page, which is what about 95% of poets use. 

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you enter.
Timothy Green | Rattle |

Write a poem and win an Ebook. Details here, Shobana’s Book Station, Ends:11/07/2021

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