The Dramatic 2020

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Does a Question answer another Question?

Wild dolphins, whales and turtles - Kauai Sea Wildlife 2015 - YouTube

Another time he asked her, why do you think poetry begins with nature.

Why? she asks in return. Does a question answer another question?

Haven’t you noticed how the leaves dance to the winds, or how the dolphin flirts with rising waves,

or, watched the skies of sunrise and of sunset, or, listened to the songs of the early morning birds? It is all out there, for us to see and decipher, how poetry defines nature. It is as simple as that!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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A little bit of this & A little bit of that

So then, what makes a great recipe? she asks him one day, when it rained on a sunny day.

Well, he thought for a while, before he answered, It’s a little bit of this, and a little bit of that!

Donc la vie est très difficile à comprendre, mes amis!

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