The sparse emptiness filled the forest,

End-to-end encryption I would term the place in modern attire,

Not one to disturb its prevalence in my world

which is filled with silence from far yonder,

I ride on an adventure that made him wonder…

The last I saw him we were seated next to each other,

He was as detailed as his story was exhaustive to an avid listener,

Though it wasn’t his story that marked my attention,

It was his demeanor that matched the flowered paths that led

to someplace hidden,

I encountered words as if they were verses written in scriptures.


One day, I sought him as I would a lover,

He had been gone for four days and yet another,

Be it that it added up to five, a loss I couldn’t disguise in numbers,

While my cajoled heart laid its grief upon my shoulders.


I walked away once I knew that time did while away as I lingered,

And he still remains, a part of the forested pride,

Now empty without his spectre.


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