That beautiful smile of yours lives in every heart.

Happy Birthday,

Let the Angels sing your favorite songs,

Harps and trumpets resound,

‘A beautiful angel is in our midst’

As we celebrate this day in your memory,

We miss your presence,

We are blessed you are ours.


It is my sister Jacky’s birthday today. A vibrant, lovely person, she lives in us every day.

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When it is time

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Just like a flower, from a bud it blooms, in its time,

Just like the rainbow, it emerges only when the sun comes out,

After the rain,

Isn’t life a weaving of stories, of past, present and future,

I look to the past, there are parts that don’t fit with my time,

When did part of me die? I can’t recall or undo this line.

A long time ago, when dying inside was not a crime.

These are days of storm, of untold anguish,

These are days when we strive to survive the audacities, the sufferings, the lethal poisons of life,

Sometime in the future, it will cloud our memories,

Of the sad encounters that greet us in this time,

As the stories make history, and diminish the chance for us to forget,

The once upon this time,

It will never take away the pain of being part of the crime.


A thought for the week

Good Morning from Malaysia.

Here’s a thought to keep you going for the week.

Just as a leaf reaches out to the sun for enrichment,

Turn your hearts and minds towards enlightenment.

Life is beautiful,

Let hope lead you to greater achievements,

Let the past be as it should be, an experience,

Move forward with renewed vigor,

There is much to be thankful for,

Look around and be grateful for the chances you are given,

To be alive and well.

The world needs a smile.

Have a great week ahead – shobana

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