She set his heart racing. In the land of milk and honey, where the Himavans stand majestic in the distance, as proud as the Kingdom of Hintrupate. Her soulful melodious voice enticed him.
A vision she presented to a simpleton such as he:

-He saw that the most beautiful of the maidens stood singing in the water while she faced the sun that had risen from the mountain area in the distance, and the peasant saw that the maiden’s thick, black hair with tiny droplets of river water on them glistened under the sun’s glorious rays.- (an extract from the book).
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Wish Upon A New Year’s Star

Wish upon a New Year’s Star,

That lay triumphant on an opaque sky,

Blazing in its traces,

Dimming the light of the past seasons,

Igniting hope, love, peace, and bridging dreams,

that raises another ceremonial interjection,

on lives that trust in a new year’s exaltation.


I saw a star blaze across the sky,

ushering in 2022 in gold that even the opaque turned in hues,

I believe there was a tiny splash of stardust on its trail,

Like a dash of cognac that lifts spirits.

I wished upon that star, and it went quite something like this:

Let peace be the centerfold of our lives,

Let Earth beget its treasures once more,

Let love not be overshadowed by hate,

Nor lack of kindness destroy harmony,

Let the beauty of the world be cherished,

Let not the mediocre hearts destroy friendship,

Let the love begin with you and I.




It was a night to remember at my sister’s gorgeous residence to usher in the New Year. 

What is beauty to you?

For my 11.5K friends from France who visited this blog yesterday. ( Thank you. I am repeating like a mantra that I want to visit France in 2022 and I hope that the situation with the virus just disappears and we get back to normal – I cannot really remember what normal is any more. Can you?

I am going, I am going, I am going (a million mantras). I have friends to visit there.

We are a day away from the New Year. May love and peace reside in all hearts – shobana

Here’s a poem I would like to share with you and all my friends throughout the world.

What is beauty to you? he once asked me. We stood among the flowers, on a hill where sunrises never set. The day remained gloriously endowed by all that charmed.

I stared ahead at the wonder of it all. Would a question like that require a tender heart, or would it be in passing that I should present my thoughts?

How do I begin to capture what I want to say in words?

Not all of the time does one know how to express tender words,

Not where beauty is concerned.

So I say to him, 

When you see the world with tenderness,

No worth in words will take prominence,

Nor will you see flawed perfection,

As you believe you will see a vision, 

of enchantment.


Love is like the rainbow, a feast of sublimation after a storm.


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