These Roses Rare, I Found For You~

A repost

These roses rare, I found for you,

In an unlikely place,

One that no-one knew.

I kept it in a secret place,

To be viewed only by you,

And then,

When it was time, I gifted it to you.

Do you see the precious flower,

See what it does to you?

It brings such gracefulness,

To my heartfelt words to you.

Do you see the glory of its gentleness?

How it seems to silently magnify its exquisiteness,

Empowering my love for you,

By its gorgeous uniqueness.

-shobana-All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2019

Saying it like you mean it!

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Have you heard the mirth of a child? Full of innocence that even the biggest of troubles seem inconsequential.

Have you ever seen how an angry child behaves? He throws a tantrum to get what he wants.

And, have you seen what he does when he wants something that you have? He behaves like you are the world to him, and that he can twist you round his little finger….

Children are the best teachers to adults. They neither have pretense or display lack of trust. They trust an adult to show them the way, like holding their tiny hands and taking them on longs walks, somewhere safe, new and exciting.

Adults become their compass to growing up healthy and brave.

A child I believe, with his innocence and intelligence, teaches us adults to be honest in character, and be true to the adage “say it like you mean it” no matter what the consequences.

It is the only way to be true to oneself, to live by integrity, to be respected, and rise up to be the best.

Have a great week ahead all.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Looking Up to Resplendence

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The blue of skies, of clouds I see none, except for splashes of white which look like traces of cotton plastered against a non-moving sky. I see the wildflowers cradled in its picturesque setting. They almost seem like they are in its embrace, only the skies are far above its reach, while the wildflowers look up to resplendence. -shobana. copyright@shobana2020

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