When the Saints go marching in

Remember that song?

When the saints go marching in, when the saints go marching in,

Lord, how I want to be in that number,

When the saints go marching in….


Did I get you guys humming to that song?

I thought about how I have persisted in my writing no matter what came my way, and then I find that it is the same with all the writers everywhere. Here is to us, for persevering, for being committed, for taking our dreams far, and for those who has reached the epitome of success, wait up for us…lol. We are right behind you over here. Well, I am in any case!

O when the Sun refuses to shine, O when the sun refuses to shine,

Lord, how I want to be in that number,

O When the saints go marching in….

When the new world is revealed, Lord, how I want to be in that number when the new world is revealed.

Great news to share.

My books are now listed on the new Estory App Store, a contract between Shandong Huayang Culture Development Co., Ltd., and Shobana Gomes. You can download the app. to read them here. (IOS edition).The Android edition will be coming out soon. Thank you.

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One of those things

What can I say? It was one of those things. My Facebook was hacked, (for the past few weeks). I couldn’t access it, my account kept stalling and I tried to sort it out but to no avail, so I had to delete my account with all my contacts and years of writing and start anew. Nothing like turning a new page, as they say.

And so, this my new account under Shobana Gomes, I started a new page for my books, Shobana’s Book Station, here’s the link to follow and like,

I am not in any way technical savvy, lol, so the whole process of configuring and starting a new page had me hyperventilating most of the time..ha.ha.ha. The pages I had is now deleted so I guess I have to start all over again.

Anyway, here’s to new beginnings – I think.


Walking through beauty, timeless footsteps is out on Kindle now on promo for USD0.99. Thank you to those of you who read it on Kindle Unlimited. I appreciate it very much. Please consider leaving a review – shobana

Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps

Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps

Paperback version with colorful illustrations available on Amazon.

Look out for the Kindle version on promotion for a limited time. Coming out soon – USD0.99
Incorporating magnetic poetry which includes:

The Beautiful Rose Whisperer

It is the roses that bloom radiant and free, they speak to my heart, my mind, and my soul, they listen sometimes to my fears, unshown.

Many times I have heard their whispers. One day I whispered to a red rose that I had admired for days on end. It was still fresh and vibrant. It seemed to create mastery in me. I said, “You hold me captive with your color. You inspire me to write of you, Your fragrance I cherish till the next morning dew, When there are two more roses that bloom in full view.” “O, the Rose of blood-red, you stand out in a crowd, You make the gift of others to me so small, You magnify love, You magnify beauty, And I am the luckiest to have a friend in you.”

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Thank you.


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