The White Butterfly

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I thought you were upside down, but it was with ease that you perched yourself on a single mission, of drinking the nectar of a yellow bud. Did the nectar sweet quench your thirst?

Your wings had striped lines, quite invisible I should say, but then you had those unique spots on each wing, which set you apart to be recognized when you came back to visit again.

How beautifully crafted you are, another of nature’s prized possession.

I walked away, wondering if butterflies are heaven sent, especially white ones. It is said that they bring good luck. I wondered if they ever thought themselves exceptional!

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I saw the moon the night before Monday,

Gloriously shining its rays, the whole sky burned with its love,

It said, “Adieu, Adieu, Sunday – let’s make way for Monday,

Make sure you see the Sun before you rise,

It is me right on the other side, illuminating your day this time.

Have a lovely week ahead everyone:)

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Believe in MAGIC

Hi, this is Shobana. This new podcast is about believing in Magic. Do you believe in magic?

It is not the hocus-pocus magic that I am talking about. It is about believing in the magic of the gift of life.

When I was growing up, I had a dream. I dreamt that the Sun shone on me one day, casting a myriad of colors surrounding me, and I was a beautiful angel with wings. There was a man talking to me, a lady the most beautiful you have ever envisioned stood behind him, smiling and her radiance outshone the Sun. I was maybe around eight that time. I couldn’t move to get close to the man, rooted to the spot where I stood. But there were a few things he said that I could hear. “Believe in the magic of life. Look the Sun wakes you up and the same Sun put you to sleep, and while you are awake it gives you the hours to do as you please. Believe in the magic of life, because someday you will see magic unfold before your eyes.”

Right then, I saw the waves of the sea rise and splash against rocks, then I saw the winds rushing past strong leaves, and they moved like there was music played by those winds. The branches moved as graceful as the breeze that touched it.

I knew I looked so beautiful, I could feel it in my dream, and I never forgot how that dream made me feel.

As I grew up, and I experienced little joys in my life, I always wondered if there magic around me. I never appreciated it then, until now. I never understood the meaning of magic in life. Until, I began to treasure the gift of life. It takes a tragedy to make you sit up and awaken to the treasures of life. Losing a loved one taught me that. I now see the beauty of nature, I see beauty in people, I see beauty in everything that crosses my path. I somehow have blocked my view of what is not pleasing to the eye. I believe that everyone is special in their own way, and who am I to say if they are flawed or unattractive. Saying something that is unkind often places one in a vulnerable situation, because life is such that what goes round comes around.

There is something that I want to impart to you. Don’t speak of the ills, speak instead of beauty, of wisdom, of appreciation, of little wonders that captivate your mind. Because all my life, even though my lacking, I was lucky to have been alive.

Otherwise, how then would I learn of the beauty of poetry, which is why I say, treasure those poetic moments in your life, you will never experience it twice.

This is Shobana signing off, till I speak to you the next time, be safe and take care. Bye for now.

Believe in Magic?

A New Podcast titled “Believe in Magic.”


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Do you believe in Magic? Not the hocus-pocus kind of magic, but something that will leave you entranced by the magic of life.

Listen to a dream I had when I was eight, and how I later realized that it was a revelation to me…


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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