That girl on the train

8 of the World's Longest Train Rides | Condé Nast Traveler

I wondered once if the train would derail,

If I would be ready to get down in the middle of nowhere,

If it would stop an oncoming train in its tracks,

What about the other passengers?

Would they be in a hurry to leave without a trace.


I was once that girl on the train leaning against its window to the outside world.


Just a note to say that I will be off this blog for a while. Getting on a train ride, haha. Take care all my friends at WP and stay safe. – – shobana

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Of birthdays and friendships

Today is my nephew, Ezra’s birthday. He turned 21 and what was supposed to be a big celebration with his friends and family, turned out to be a quiet one instead because of the lockdown.

He is the darling of the family, and since my sister’s passing when he was thirteen years of age, he has endured much in his young age. He has grown to be a handsome young man, on the dean’s list in his discipline at his university, and a gem of a character. He is so attached to my mom, always there helping her in every way, and anyone in need of assistance for that matter. We watched him grow to be the wonderful person he is today. I am sometimes taken aback by his genuine good traits. My sister would have been so proud of him. She was a single mom, and he meant the world to her.


There are people you meet in the course of your life who make a deep impression on you, either by their kindness, compassion, or genuine concern. These are the people you want to keep close to you. People who make you feel good, and who inspire as well as nurture.


Like Terveen Gill. (

She is really something else. We have become friends as a result of her honest disposition. She was one of the writers who received a free Ebook for a poem from me. She chose the book, The Curse of the White Rose, and offered to write a review on the book, which made me happy. As a writer, a review works as a guide for future references or writing. Plus, she doesn’t hesitate to tell you on areas of improvement.

She had this to say about the book. Here’s the link:

We met on common ground and the best part is we understand each other.

Life is short, there is no turning back to correct errors, but every word or deed counts as a representation of your self. Having been through many hurdles in my life, I have learned that it pays to show concern, to be true to yourself above everything else, to be humble, and to know that no matter the smiles, someone might be going through a hard time in their life so compassion is an important trait to have. People do smile through their heartaches a lot of the time. A nice word or two goes a long way to cheer them up.

Thank you, Terveen. You have been a great support, especially in my writing.


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With Lost Time

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Towards the last days of your life,

When time has slipped past and memories stay instead,

When the noise of the world has subsided to one of dread,

When stillness is what you and I have always believed to be our quest,

is now within grasp.

Would you say that you know love to be as the poets say it to be?

With lost time, some have loved and some have never known love.


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