One Mind, One Choice.

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There were days when my wings were clipped, and I couldn’t fly away with the wind,

There were too many who constricted my flight,

They came in droves, some to participate, some to witness, a killing gone wrong.


An army of madmen, they crucified as they saw fit,

An army of terminators, “no reason” was reason enough.


No other choice had I, but to live,

My next of kin, I watched crumble beneath their attacks,

Some to live to tell a story,

The other three to perish, and be the sacrifice needed to fulfill the story.


I was of one mind, one heart, to live, to fight until I die.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Article Published on Subtledge Indus of India.

On 15th August 2020, India celebrates its 73rd Independence Day.

Subtledge Indus of India invited me to submit an article of not more than 500 words, expressing my sentiments for the country, and if selected, I knew that it would be showcased with some of the very talented writers of India on their magazine.

Well, I am proud to say that my article was selected.

You can view it here.

The Fire of Independence Burns Steadfast by Shobana Gomes

It is really an honor that my article was chosen, and I would like to wish all of India, A Happy 73rd Independence Day, come 15th August.

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The Curse of the White Rose – A Review

Well, I got a review on my story. It’s free to read, and like. Like to vote before 31/08/2020.

spellbinding tale of the evil hidden behind beauty!

The story is very captivating! It made me wish it was a full novel! The writer is very talented. Fans of dark fantasy will enjoy. I can tell a lot of time was put into writing the vivid imagery and description of the evil forest witch! It made for a gripping read.

  • (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) Overall Rating
  • (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) Plot
  • (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) Writing Style
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Thank you, and stay safe.


Still Alive, And That’s A Good Thing!

The days are behind me,
I am sure of it,
Not all had gone according to plan,
or had it?

I am still alive, though, hurt and bruised,
I have fought the fight,
And, persevered through it all.

Not a day has passed,
When my will was broken,
I believe my life is mine,
Not to be diminished.

I will ride with the stars,
I will override all fear,
I will thrive and grow,
Until my life is no more.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

The Curse of the White Rose – The Story

The Curse of the White Rose – The Story

“I remember looking at a wolf in the eye once, thinking that something lurked behind those glowering eyes that stared back at me. It had been standing on a rock, glaring deep into my eyes, then, it ran away after seeing that I stood rooted to the ground staring back at it with the same intensity.”

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Thank you – shobana

That Beautiful Rainbow

Rainbow public domain free stock photos download (67,591 Free ...

It had been a long, long time,

Since I saw that rainbow appear in the sky,

It was of the colors so spoken about,

I am sure there are the other colors interspersed within it unseen.


That beautiful rainbow gave me hope,

From the weariness of life’s challenging woes,

The once unspoken, or seen by all,

That rainbow gave me the hope I longed for.


I know that its brief spell across the sky,

Is its way of hiding between clouds,

To tell a world of tardiness, that it will shine and cast its colors,

Only when the rain has washed out all its grime.


No more, no more fear in me,

I have survived the grime and the ills,

I have encountered a rising now,

I have been anointed by a blessing.


No evils or man’s diseased thoughts,

His manipulation to sabotage,

To kill me off was his undoing,

For now all mankind knows of his tiresome deeds.


That beautiful rainbow that shows itself,

After that nourishing rain, and the screening of the Sun,

I am the lucky one, I am the chosen,

For my story is now breathed by all,

The once unspoken, or seen by all.


-shobana- All rights reserved@copyright@shobana2020

Rock of Rocks

Little Aarav and me, on our first holiday together!

My books from Amazon arrived. It was the best feeling ever to see it print. As always, the first thing I did was to share the news on my FB page. To those who ordered a copy, I want to thank you for the support and love shown to me. And, I had a few who read it on Kindle, the sad thing is I don’t know who they are except for Loretta Milan and Christina Francine, (the enigmatic writer and educationist who gave me a 5 star review on Amazon). Thanks to all of you who purchased it on Kindle. I hope you enjoyed the read.


I have had so many people write to me asking to enlist their services for a review on Amazon. But Amazon has a policy where writers are not to solicit reviews. Then again, even immediate family members are not allowed to write a review. I wonder why that is so.


Anyway, today is my dad’s 10th year death anniversary. I miss him and his smile. He was the most gentle grandfather, and father. I miss how he was always so proud of our achievements and would rant and rave about it to all an sundry. I wish he could read my books. But, I remember that when I started writing, and he read my first poem, he blessed me, saying, “God bless you, It is a very nice poem. I know you will become rich writing poetry. lol.” I laughed when he said that. He always wanted us to have the best of everything. It wasn’t about the money, my dad knew how hard I worked and how success was something I always chased after. I wish so badly that he was here today, to see all the successes in my family. My two daughters are professionals now, and little Aarav would have been the next light of his life. All the grandchildren were his precious loves. He would molly-coddle them and totally spoil them. They shared so many funny moments with him and his love was the epitome of a grandfather’s love, and I am glad they had a chance to know that kind of love.


Rest in peace, Pa – we love and miss you.


Inspired By You

The water was crystal clear,

You can almost see the sea-beds while elevated in a building near,

Can you see the stretch?

First the beach sands immersed by sea water,

Then the depth of the sea somewhere hovering near the deep,

Sea-beds trail within clarity – its prominence so near.


Do you remember walking with me,

Hands entwined, within the sereneness of placidity,

We took graceful steps,

Leaving the sands something to remember us by,

Our footprints of love.


And, while we languished in our love,

Uncaring if the wind was creating a storm with the tides,

The breeze filling us with refreshing anecdotes of laughter,

Yes, we laughed with the mirth of the breeze,

So carefree were we.


The sea remained calm through it all,

When we kissed, we encountered the stars, hidden from view,

Wasn’t it daylight still?

They stayed hidden till the sun went down,

Only after did they show their brilliance,

Just like us,

Our love shone sometime between dawn till dusk,

continuing through the night, till it dawned once more,

Our love, a remaking of timeless essence.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Unable to paint, she says “I will leave it till the riverbeds heal, till its waters flow freely once again!”

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Sunrise Rhapsody

I lean towards the morning with the sunrise in view
Watching it rise above a mountain of dew
I take a walk just measuring the moments anew
Just like a new day grazing past a sky filled with drapes

I take a turn running after the picturesque in queue
As I lift myself above the grass green aglow
Just watching the moment the sunrise comes in view
And sitting on a blanket of a grass filled with dew..

In an amazing kaleidoscope of colors I am me in between
The glow of the sunrise on my face shining pretty
and the song that comes to mind I sing so heart-free
I wait for the moment when the sun rise somewhere dawn East..

I wait with abated breath watching the mountains high for the Sunrise Rhapsody..



Image result for free image of a jar half full

The timekeeper kept staring at the clouds,

His glass of water crystal clear,

His thirst not near quenched,

His faltered heart a little fearful,

To face the void of an empty vessel.

He sips, and leaves about a glass half filled,

or would you rather think it half empty?


If all the world drank to quench insatiable thirst,

Would they be as fulfilled as a mocking bird,

Mimicking the ways of other birds,

Having its say, in another’s habit.


If men and women rhymed with the times of present,

Ignoring the past, its lessons undone,

Would they be more the wiser, than all the foxes that hound,

The deepest forest, looking for a naive capture.


If hatefulness resides in hearts of men,

Would love ever find a way to unwind their wickedness,

No, not of this hour, or the next for sure,

For love is salvation, while hate is destruction.


If there was a calm before a storm,

Wouldn’t you think it wise, to be of sound mind,

To be unafraid, to be ready for the onslaught,

Wouldn’t you find a way to avoid all harm?


If you and I, were of beginning of time,

Maybe you the Adam, and I, the Eve,

Would you change the way creation was formed?

Would you let the serpent destroy your calm?


The Healing Riverbeds
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All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

That Place Called Heaven

It is the place where the Sun breathes a little,

And paves the way for a drizzle,

So that the clouds water the gateways of another world.

Of course, it is just as colorful as the orange of its sunrise,

Or the orange of its sunset,

Sometime at the rise of dawn, or set of the dusk,

When the rush of the tides wash away the remnants of a day past,

Alongside the grime of worldly clatter,

And careens with the scepter of the living.

That’s a place called Heaven!


He waltzes just as the breeze,

So light on his feet, he gently leads her steps,

Whirling on tides like the seas,

Rush of emotions as blinding as those starstruck gaze,

Where he cannot see past his love.


It matters not where you are,

Shipwrecked or berthed,

The sacredness of true love,

Will channel your way to the “One”


Obsession can be both frightening and fulfilling,

You might have to leave your thoughts that bind,

And recklessly abandon,

Your life to a never-ending rhyme of wanting.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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Would You Share That Spot With Me

Would you share that spot with me,

Under the umbrella like tree,

It seems like it will somehow be able to sprinkle a little of the sea breeze on me,

And maybe just protect me from those sunny beach kind of rays of the Sun.

Would you share that spot with me,

The one where I might be hidden from view,

You would have to look,

A little hard look,

To see me somewhere in between.

Who knows who can,


Who will share that spot with me.

I am as carefree as the sand,

On a windblown day,

I am as carefree as the wings of the birds there.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020
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