My Time In Pondicherry, (French India)

I visited Pondicherry, formed out of 4 territories of French India, at the turn of the Millenium.

I was mildly surprised that the roads were quite deserted for a weekend. The buildings were reminiscent of French designs and I loved that they were preserved so well.

As usual, I took a walk to the seaside and then realized that there was a movie shoot taking place and that the crowds were there, watching the actors in action.

It was hard to get a good look at the actors from where I stood, so I took a walk along the seaside with my cousin. The sun was slowly setting so you can imagine how beautiful it was.

We had our brunch before that at a restaurant that served French cuisine. I can still remember how tasty the food was. Freshly baked buns, croissants, unsalted butter, marmalade, and eggs to perfection. I love marmalade and it tasted so good there.

Anyway, we spent some time at the beach and when it was dark, we decided to stop by a church. We were getting ready to leave for Trivandrum. The church doors were locked when I walked inside the compound, but there was this gentleman who saw me and opened a side door for me. 

I think he wanted to make a tourist like me happy:)

It was an old beautiful church, and I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t spend more time in Pondicherry, but I made a wish at that church, and it did come true. We were just passing by.

They say when you visit a church for the first time, to make three wishes (well, my mom taught us that, and I still carry on that tradition.)

It is Ponggal today (harvest festival), a very auspicious occasion for Hindus everywhere, and here’s wishing all those who celebrate a “Happy Ponggal.”

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A Heavenly Interlude

I had the distinct pleasure of having the beach to myself that morning. The quiet was so consuming as the waters that rushed to shore breathed music to the ears.

I watched the sunrise, one of my most favorite thing to do, and thought about how as a teenager, I used to do the same thing where we lived north of Malaysia. It was one of the best times of my life.

We lived by the sea, and what a blessing that was.

I loved watching the sunset, loved waking up early on days there was no school, to catch the sunrise. I would be awed by its rising and setting. I would never miss them on weekends! I learnt so much about beauty from nature.

The early morning seagulls used to be such a pleasure to watch. Some would fly low to the shallow waters, and catch their feed, fly away, and give the rest of their flock a chance to do the same.

Then, there were those sampans. Men would take their sampans to the middle of the sea, and it was truly a sight to behold watching them sail past me so leisurely on those gentle waters, with only the waves crashing onto the beach, a distraction.

Well, I got to watch the sunrise and sunset last week, Friday. It is still fresh on my mind.

It is heavenly to take a break every now and then. It not only rejuvenates, but inspires too. Have a great weekend everyone – shobana


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