When Sunday Goes Past Me

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When Sunday Goes Past Me

Have you ever been empowered by the quiet of a Sunday?

It fills you with a touch of gentleness, a sort of exquisiteness,

You feel its presence without any pretense embrace your soul.


I awake to dawn to see the transparent sky light up the morn,

There resides a solitude hidden between those brightening clouds,

As they envelope my part of the world,

In a show of clandestine colors tinged with the color of the Sun.


I choose not to rise, for the day brings nothing but Joy to my tired mind.

I watch the morning break into day, and then noon, then comes evening, trailing the dusk filled hours before nightfall.

When Monday comes, my reverie dissolves,

When Sunday goes past me, renewed I enter another dimension,

Where I face a world, that ticks laboriously with time.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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Where It Never Rains

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I walked once where elephants graced,

Where it never rains,

Where the dusty ground never felt mud,

Where the tired trees were barely consumed by greens,

Where the Sun God shined ceaselessly.


It taught me how to survive,

drought and famine,

dehydration and scorching,

It taught me to go out to another part of the world,

to seek the rain I thirsted,

to stay alive.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Sweet September

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It is hard to believe that September is as sweet as its name,

Except when, you see those maples trees turn in shade; red, yellow and a dusty strain. 

I walked under those trees one September, marveling at autumn, the breeze just a tad chilly, but,

never did it bother me.

I was from the tropics, while it was autumn where I stood, under those maple trees, in a land which was not weathered as tropical but continent – cold, snowy, freezing, just as winter.

Would I stay till winter claimed? Not I, my thoughts raced to another climate, perhaps that of the temperate breed.

Sweet September of those maple trees,

In you I have found the glory of colored leaves,

I stand amongst the beauty,

Of a windblown autumn, where sometimes the sun streams,

And sometimes it drizzles, wetting those charmed trees.


Have a great month ahead everyone. May it be the sweetest September you have experienced!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

A Place to Dream

(A re-post)

I found a place to dream,

It was a long time ago,

In an illusory setting masking the clouds,

Where trees were leafless,

As they had fallen to the ground.

I found a bridge to another realm,

It brought me to a never-ending path to freedom,

Where no one could hurt me,

Or torture my kindred soul,

Where I met dreamers like me in quietude.

We talked and we laughed,

We shared and we loved,

We were in a secluded spot away from the prying multitude.

Have you heard of loneliness amongst a million?

Amongst a million distracting vision,

A stilled mind can find the solitude of peacefulness,

And there I reside,

Most of my life in seclusion.

I found a place where my heart resides in stillness,

It is a quiet place among the trees leafless,

Where the surrounding lie in deep mysticism for dreamers.

There is love, no hurt,

There is joy, no sadness,

There awaits a someone for someone.

All it takes is just one person to believe in you, to make dreams happen, to share the same ambition, to create history.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2019


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Words, how you strike like a sword,

Leaving imprints that can lift you,

Or subject you to distraught.


Words, how you create wisdom,

Leaving minds to decipher,

Between what’s right and what is wrong,

Your insightful deliverance,

Gives one much insight and thought,

And marks the world with your inked reverence to knowledge.


Words, when in whisper,

Delivers a soulful voice,

They define love,

They define your inner self,

They are the silent rebukers of turbulence within.


I read a few remarkable, touching poetry today, and this poem came to be.

How powerful are words, that if un-uttered, can drown a world in abject misery – shobana


I love this picture, it speaks to me, touches my soul, and inspires a peace within me.

I walked into the woods, following my heart,

There was no sound,

None, not even the sound of the creatures there abound.


What silenced was the stillness from none other than the Sun,

Its rays touched the barren grounds, strewn with dried leaves, and dust,

The branches, the trees, it anointed with a colorful meaning,

Much like “basking in the Sun.”


I looked up, standing in the shade and watched its mesmerizing descent,

As it sprinkled yellow tinges on the plain of the woods,

What beauty it conjured to a woodsman such as I.


The silence was just as captivating….


I watched while the clouds turned,

Without making any noise,

It wasn’t time for the rumble of the clouds,

Hence, in silence, I watched a union between the Sun, its rays, and its crossing into Earth’s boundaries,

The enticing union of the spiraling Sun into the drenches of a longing world below….

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Who Said What!

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Did you really think that?


Whisper, whisper,whisper,

The words gets mangled, the news get distorted, the topic becomes another….


What?? Did she really do that?

Is he really the billionaire?

Where did they find her?

In a forlorn state, forsaken and left for dead.


Why, Oh Why?

Do you not see the seriousness of the crime?

Is it better to be talked about or be the one to talk,

I would rather be the talked about,

for one day, the truth will be OUT.


Is she like that? Where is she from? Is he the one in love with her, or is it the other one?

The birds chatter, carried by the winds, and when it reaches the mouth of the Seagulls,

it becomes a torrid becomes a huge momentous tale with lies in between!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobanagomes2020

If The World Had A Window..

“So then, does the world have a window? If it did, what would it overlook?”

He looks bemused at her quizzing,

“Well, I don’t know, Maybe it would overlook the sprawling Himalayas, or

maybe even the Red Canyons, I don’t know, would it overlook the galaxies, or be witness to

the spectacular constellation? I don’t know.” he answers.

“Don’t you know,” she asks a little coyly….

“Well, it would overlook the Bermuda Triangle,

I am sure of it.” she laughs,

“For most of the world’s mystery lie lost there, not be found. It is a point of no-return,

and I am sure if the world had a window, it would want to be privy to its secrets.

“What do you think?”

“Umm,” he ponders. “Maybe you are right,” he says.

The Bermuda Triangle could be the answer to all the world’s centripetal problems. Making it a centrifugal force to be reckoned with!

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-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

You, the difference

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Have you noticed how a picture stands out in the dark?

The ambience without clutter,

The radiance without daylight,

The luminescence under a moonlight.


Do you feel like you are in another dimension?

Like your feet is above the ground,

Like you can walk without a sound,

Like you and I are free from prying eyes.


Have you heard the sound of the waves,

Even when the Sea is at a distance?

It is all in your mind,

That special place for words and rhyme,

That none can denounce or decipher.


So, imagine as much as you want,

Believe in the wisdom of your heart,

Hear the tiny voice inside of you,

The one who is braver than you,

And listen, there is an abundance of choice within you.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Then I Came Along

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A long time ago,

When Sunrises were taken for granted,

I ran with the wildflowers, growing tall on sprawling meadows.


Some days were long,

While others thrust forward, just like the milestones I tread,

Liberating, freeing and embracing.


One day, a stranger found me,

At the beck of that Sunrise unappreciated,

Struggling to keep up with the winds of storm.


He picked me up when the Sun went down,

Carried me across to a safer path,

That was filled with thistles, thorns and needles.


I say, this path is for the dead! Who thrives within this captivity?


I heard him say ever so softly,

The Sunrise never shades, its glare is to brighten the world,

When you run with the wildflowers and the meadow,

It magnifies your world bereft of beauty,


As tiring as it may seem the world’s load you carry,

As cumbersome as it is to encounter confrontation,

Creation embodies your future,

Laid bare, without shade, for all the world to see,

One day to know of your intricate imaginings.


And, then I came along,

For the once captive world to be set free!


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

When You Swim With The Sharks

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When you swim with the sharks, Let not your fear show, Breathe like you have gills, Be vary of your surroundings, Be sure and precise when you escape their scents. One wrong move, and you will be its prized capture – shobana

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“I remember looking at a wolf in the eye once, thinking that something lurked behind those glowering eyes that stared back at me. It had been standing on a rock, glaring deep into my eyes, then, it ran away after seeing that I stood rooted to the ground staring back at it with the same intensity.”

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An Answer To A Million Prayers

Sometimes I wondered if God was with me,

Not a day had gone by, when I gave up asking,

Not a minute, unrest in my troubled mind, set me asking again, again.


I once stood in prayer, looking up to heaven,

My thoughts cloudy, My heart heavy,

I rested my world on His lap.


Turbulence led to upheavals,

And, I had been through trials after trials,

If not for my faith,

Perseverance would have lost its fight,

I would have been another statistic,

In a long list of the “killed”


If I thrive, come what may, I shall proudly display, the badge of honor worn by survivors.

It took a million prayers and more, a lot of kindness, and strength, a steadfast heart, and a world of heroes to get me back the life I own.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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