Time for Fawns

Pictures courtesy of Paul and Linda Fischetti

The birds return, from their long sojourn, while the trees of the woods, barren of leaves, begin to sprout again.

I spot a deer, no, not one but two,

That sprightly deer,

Looking for shoots, buds, and fruits.

It is time to eat,

It’s time for fawns,

Just like Spring, A time for rebirth.

Of a Rose

Rose Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

There is that beauty, then there is the thorn,

There is the luscious beauty born.

As you gaze at its adorning crown,

Beware, the hidden thorn,

It waits to prick you,

Be forewarned.


The fragrant rose is full of pride,

Its beauty famed by lovers,

Its blooms, serenade gardens,

Its shrubs, an unrivaled attraction.


Amongst all the chosen beauties,

the world has ever known,

there has never been an enchanted beauty,

Like that of a rose.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

When Sunday Goes Past Me

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When Sunday Goes Past Me

Have you ever been empowered by the quiet of a Sunday?

It fills you with a touch of gentleness, a sort of exquisiteness,

You feel its presence without any pretense embrace your soul.


I awake to dawn to see the transparent sky light up the morn,

There resides a solitude hidden between those brightening clouds,

As they envelope my part of the world,

In a show of clandestine colors tinged with the color of the Sun.


I choose not to rise, for the day brings nothing but Joy to my tired mind.

I watch the morning break into day, and then noon, then comes evening, trailing the dusk filled hours before nightfall.

When Monday comes, my reverie dissolves,

When Sunday goes past me, renewed I enter another dimension,

Where I face a world, that ticks laboriously with time.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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