SaturRise & Two Great Reviews

I rose early today, I think I love being the first one to rise,

To wake up to another Saturday sunrise.


I get to do that nearly every day, not just on Saturdays,

I look out my window when the first light creeps in,

Amongst the palm trees and rooftops, the skies overshadow with crimson glow.


When the crimson diminishes, the white clouds appear, Another day to have and hold,

it’s a dawn to start your morn.

I wish somedays you were here to witness the dawn of SatuRise.


Thank you to these two great writers for their beautiful reviews. So happy that you found my books a good read.

Top review from India

Terveen Gill

5.0 out of 5 stars A love that can only be felt and not explained.

Reviewed in India on 23 March 2022

The creative way that this story has been written was the first thing to strike me. Shobana’s narrative is a combination of poetry and story format. As the story progresses, the protagonist’s feelings, thoughts, and fears are beautifully expressed through poetry. And the writer is a master at this. Can unexpressed and one-sided love be so strong that it overpowers all logic? You’ll have to read this unique and wonderful story to find out. The reader is taken on an emotional journey and the twist at the end leaves one contemplating the meaning of love and relationships. Though the story could have been shortened at a few places, the impact delivered stays with the reader for long. Great writing!

Free to Read.

Gosh, this is great!!

Reviewed by Sandy Ramnarine

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Overall Rating

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Plot
(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Writing Style
(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Grammar & Punctuation

I honestly do not know where to begin explaining how well this really was. I love the way you made this short and sweet. It was like a juicy peach you cannot get enough of. I love the way you applied karma into your work and I find that most people go into graphic details about it, and you did not. I think it is being forgotten how simple and elegant things used to be. I cannot shower you with enough pleasantries or else they will make you overwhelmed. Haha. I will continue to support your work. Be the best always. I love this!

Time for Fawns

Pictures courtesy of Paul and Linda Fischetti

The birds return, from their long sojourn, while the trees of the woods, barren of leaves, begin to sprout again.

I spot a deer, no, not one but two,

That sprightly deer,

Looking for shoots, buds, and fruits.

It is time to eat,

It’s time for fawns,

Just like Spring, A time for rebirth.

Of a Rose

Rose Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

There is that beauty, then there is the thorn,

There is the luscious beauty born.

As you gaze at its adorning crown,

Beware, the hidden thorn,

It waits to prick you,

Be forewarned.


The fragrant rose is full of pride,

Its beauty famed by lovers,

Its blooms, serenade gardens,

Its shrubs, an unrivaled attraction.


Amongst all the chosen beauties,

the world has ever known,

there has never been an enchanted beauty,

Like that of a rose.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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