As cool as a Sun Day!

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The last time, I followed a sign that read “Happy Sunday,”
It took me on a whirlwind tour. I saw ahead of me, skies so clear, the route was deserted and I was the King Of the Road, with no cars to overtake, or follow me to God knows where! I had with me a crate of chilled beer, a bottle of wine in case I met someone I wanted to impress, some cheese crackers, and packets of Lays. It was my time to chill out, and Sunday was fine with that! Plus, I had my cool shades on and looked as cool as a Sun Day cucumber! Have a great Sunday all! – shobana –

The Color Brown

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I only see the difference when I am away from the rest of us, Mom!

Does it border on black? No, it is like the Earth tone, soft and mellow, light and dark shades with a mix of yellow.

Well, Black is beautiful! I said, looking at my brown hands, wondering why it made a difference

to some, while I never gave it a thought until I mingled with those not of brown.

Does it matter if I was brown, Mom?

Yes, it does. People usually think you are from another planet!

Possibly Venus, I said aloud.

Well, I got good grades in school while the not so brown ones failed miserably, Mom.

Yes, that’s the way to show them, Son. You show them that because they discriminate against your color, they look foolish, they don’t know that the color Brown is exciting, intelligent, sensuous, and is of Earth tones. They cannot say the same, can they? Plus, because they have a limited sense of discernment, they fail miserably.

No, they can’t say the same as us, Mom. Do you think we are superior because we are brown?

Oh yes, we have the most important element with us remember, the Earth belongs to colored like us. We blend in with the most incredible planet in the universe.

Yes, I can see that, Mom. But you know what, I am happy I can see through their colors!


It won’t make a difference to me what anyone’s color is Mom, it is only those who see the difference who has a problem with it.


When I grow up, I want to marry a brownie. They are simply gorgeous.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


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On the 6th of September, 2007, we made our way to Toronto, Canada, full of hope, plus with a little apprehension for Sasha’s next phase in life – her tertiary education. 

She was among the first batch of seven students who received a scholarship from the Cuban government to do medicine. It was one of the first collaborative ventures between the Malaysian and Cuban government.

We decided to go with her to Havana to get a firsthand look at Cuba and its medical fraternity, having heard so much about their excellence in the field of medicine.

We landed in Toronto on the 7th  and having family there, they arranged a trip for us to the Niagara Falls. 

Needless to say, we were so excited to see one of the magnificent wonders of the world.

It was late when we arrived at the Niagara Falls, but I can still remember how awestruck I was with the mesmerizing colorful tirade of the waterfalls and its lit up surroundings. One can never put a finger to the exact words describing its beauty.

A little tired, we headed back to the hotel, looking forward to the next day.

Very early the next morning, the 8th of September, I received a call that my youngest brother had passed away. 

It was the worst nightmare that I went through after hearing that horrible news. I have still not got over the feeling of numbed loss that day. 

Just before we left, we had all gathered in my house and he stayed back to spend the night with us.

I was broken, shattered, and cried non-stop. I couldn’t imagine what Sasha, who was very close to her uncle, was going through. 

She was to begin a new life far away from family, and this was mind-shattering.

How do you deal with a loss of a loved one when so far away. I couldn’t make it back for the funeral. I was totally broken. All I wanted to do was to return home and be with the rest of the family.

Crestfallen, unable to express my feelings of devastation, I started writing poetry, hence, began my writing journey.

 His death gave me an avenue to an unfulfilled dream, directed me to a passion that I never knew existed within me. I am sure it was a gift to me from him. I owe him for charting a new direction in my life, a very noble and satisfying path for me, I should say. Just like him, I learned to inspire others around me with words,(I hope to, that is..)

Today, is his 13th death anniversary, and it is still so hard to come to terms with not having him with us.

 Rest in peace, Des. I love you.


You, the luminescence,

the tireless light that leads me,

I have walked through dark passages,


You were there, as always with your gentle smile,

Awaking me from depths of despair.

I love you.



All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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