An Exquisite Encounter

Hi Everyone,

Did we think twice about going on a holiday?
No way, ho-sea!!

We packed our bags, got into the car and drove to the exotic Penang Island, The Pearl of the Orient, over the weekend. It is a 5-6 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, depending on traffic and the speed with which you are traveling.

In spite of the pandemic, we all agreed that we needed a bit of reprieve from months of isolating ourselves, and the stay at home order. We still had to move around with masks, but, I think a lot of us are slowly getting used to the idea that it might have to be considered as second skin for months and months to come.

To say that we were excited is an understatement. Having been busy with my writing for the longest time, I thought that the holiday was such a stress reliever. When I saw how nature had thrived and blossomed all around me, it was the icing on the cake.

Anyway, the seaside was simply glorious. I took a walk on the beach just before sunrise, and watched with awe – its ascension into our part of the world, so sublimely timeless an ascent.

The rising sun broke into clouds, still and slumberous, cast its rays from its heavens right to the sands on which I stood, gaping at its beauty.

I love the sunrise, sunset, the sea, the sands, and as I walked back to the hotel, I hoped that my footprints on the wet sands, where the tides just minutes earlier had rushed to embrace, will stay embedded a little longer, to make it an exquisite encounter with the sea for me.

These are memories that will always stay imprinted in my mind forever.



A Letter to Desire

Hey all,

I hope everyone is safe and sound during these uncertain times.
It is with great pleasure that I share with you my article titled “A Letter to Desire,” which was published on June 20th, in the newly revamped Lightbox Originals Newsletter!


I must say that it is great to be part of such an inspiring, beautiful newsletter. Take a look, as they have great articles and news to share with all and sundry.

In the meantime, stay safe. Let’s work together to get Covid19 out of the way.



Review on The Healing Riverbeds Published!!


Recommended Meditative Read

June 7, 2020 Posted by Katy Haas
Guest Post by Christina Francine

The Healing Riverbeds is a sharing of reflections about being human at a time when the world suffers from a pandemic, contains violent unrest, and deals with brutal worldwide environmental concerns. Shobana Gomes considers humans accountability for these “calamities” and examines herself as well. At the same time, she takes a stand as a witness. She thinks about the positives around her too and considers her daughter’s unique way of viewing.
From a children’s point of the world, the solutions are clear: “The world outside was a messy world. It had become toxic and dangerous, and the ones who would be most affected were the children.” In order for her to continue, she would leave her “coloring for another day . . . till the riverbeds heal, till its waters flow freely once again.”
Gomes’ examination and reflection is thought-provoking, one that contemplates human’s positive and negative effects on the world. She also contemplates the challenges of being human and questions the “maze” we’ve all been placed into.
A stirring read that asks the deep questions of life and points toward innocence for answers. The type of read all humans should explore. A recommended meditative read.

On Kindle for USD0.99 / Paperback Edition Available.