Weather Gone Crazy

The weather has gone crazy everywhere. Here in Malaysia, it’s the floods. So many are displaced and suffering. Winter storms in Japan, Canada, US, and snowstorms across Europe are raging right at this moment.

Flights are canceled, people are stranded and I can’t imagine the havoc and destruction these catastrophes have caused the affected.

Someone asked, “where are the homeless,” in one of the chats, I think it was on the US winter storm report, and it is so sad to think of them as some of those who succumbed to the disaster.

And while everyone is thinking about the affected people and the hardships that they are facing, there are those who take the opportunity to spread uncalled-for religious sentiments on the chats. It is purely unnecessary as people just want to be there to discuss the issue itself. Let religion be a personal preference, a conversation between You and your God at the right time. Let it not become a war of words where one religion is thought to be better than the other because some of the conversations on the chats are really nasty and demeaning.

These are horrifying events taking place across the world where people die due to harsh weather conditions, and the rest of us who are not affected would prefer to just watch the video in peace and pray the catastrophes would end without further deaths or destruction.

I hope the weather relents and doesn’t worsen. I wish for everyone to be safe and especially for the ones who are stranded, to reach their homes in safety.


4 Comments on “Weather Gone Crazy

  1. It’s a sad state and many are helpless. I wonder how these hardships can be justified. Fate plays a bigger hand than we think. Take care, Shobana, and thanks for expressing this through your writing.


  2. Dear Shobana. I worry for our world too. Here in Michigan. the homeless have places to go but in many cities in the USA, Like L.A. the streets filled with homeless. I pray our leader spend more money on helping the poor raise up and less on war.

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