Happiness Is…

That deep sense of achievement when things go your way.

This Christmas was a happy one, in spite of missing my dad, Jacky & Desmond, we were thankful for the rest of us in the family.

I was thankful throughout.

My mom turned 80 on Christmas Day. Just a couple of weeks before that she fell terribly ill with Covid. It was one of the most harrowing moments of our lives.

A little before she fell ill, I returned from my trip to France and came down with a bad cough and it felt like I wouldn’t make it through. The tightness in my chest was excruciating. There were moments when I just couldn’t get out of bed, and I was terribly jet-lagged. I lost a lot of weight which is the only thing that kept me glad through it all, haha.

Then when Mom tested positive for Covid, I was so worried. The ordeal was too much for her. She couldn’t get up and needed to be monitored closely every minute.

I was glad when after nearly 10 days, she started to recover, albeit slowly. And by Christmas, she was fully recovered just in time to cut her birthday cake, usher in Christmas, and even cook a dish for us.

I didn’t really feel like putting up the Christmas tree when she was ill. Then, everything fell into place at the right time and our family Christmas Eve dinner was full of laughter and fun, especially, after what we went through.

Let me tell you that life is full of surprises, and miracles, and though we go through harrowing moments even now, we come out of them somehow. Sometimes you need miracles to stay alive!

I thought I would share a little of what I did at the last minute with you. Have a great season of love – shobana –

5 Comments on “Happiness Is…

  1. Wish you well, Shobana. I’m so glad that things took a bright turn. Wish you and your near and dear much good health in the new year. πŸ™‚


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