Along the Way by Stephen Allen

Reviewed on Amazon:

The first thing that caught my attention when I read Stephen’s Along the Way, was his warm sincerity in expressing his gratitude to his loved ones and friends while embarking on his poetic journey.
His poems are just as sincere.
His thoughts on various issues are expressed in an artful and concise manner. The poems are told with vivid clarity and will take one into the realms of reality and wishful dreams.
Stephen has an eloquent way of taking one into his past and present. He writes with a deep concern for the lacking in the world. His desire for a better world is evident.
This book of poetry is a must-read for everyone. Each day can be filled with poems of Stephen’s to ponder upon and inspire.

Highly recommended – shobana

Stephen’s short stories listed below can be read on Shobana’s Book Station, apart from Kindle. Many of my readers stop by to read his book for free there:)

You can read some of his poetry here:

Friends are often found in the most unexpected places.
This true story reveals the vulnerability, strength, and grace of a man forgotten by the world.
There have been a series of murders and there are no suspects, yet!
A murder mystery with a supernatural twist that is unexpected.

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