Some pay with their life.

We talked about things we would do when we grew up,

Things like; getting on an airplane, which seemed like a dream,

quite impossible, we whispered, and then we laughed,

“How could we afford a plane ride – that’s far-fetched I’d say.”

But, my eyes strayed far, beyond the seas, beyond the stars,

“I would someday, you’ll see,” a notion I kept deep inside.


Then, there was that wish as every young person yearns,

To be able to afford the finer things in life, to be rich,

Until you learn that riches are but for a time.

the best things in life, he whispered, are not free. They come with a price,

a hefty sum you’ll see.


Some pay with their life, just to stay alive, the best things in life, come with a price.


We walked away somewhere beyond, where the mountain dew draped and colored peaks,

and lifted our thoughts to acknowledge our dreams.

How did the mountaintop meet the sky? Did they spring upon a mound and gather the stones and where a land barren was, did they raise the earth to touch the sky?

Hopes and wishes and dreams, they are but the same, words different, but somehow, they begin a wanderer’s journey.


4 Comments on “Some pay with their life.

  1. There’s so much to life and living a satisfied one. We learn as we grow and realizations dawn upon us like illuminating sunrises. The importance of peace spreads itself through our hearts and minds. Very beautifully written and wisely depicted. 🙂

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