Faux-pas et al. The French Language & I – Voila.

In the first month of refreshing my spoken French.

Mistakes and all.

I was devastated by my appalling conduct/performance.

I learned that you can read, and write but not speak if your pronunciation is wrong or your vocabulary is limited.

In the second month, I got better and better. I started improving day by day in the language.

But still, far from my understanding of French speakers when they speak.

In the third month and beyond. Yes, yes, yes, I’m on my way to France..haha.

Good day How are you? I think I’m ready for France. I can read and write and understand at least three-quarters of spoken French. Isn’t that great?

Well, it shows that dedication and perseverance lead one to success.

Subscribe to my you-tube channel. Thank you.

Have a great month of October.


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