To those that laughed, and yet still to those that cried with me.

In 2007, my youngest brother passed away very suddenly. We were in Toronto, Canada, and had just arrived two days earlier. It was one of the most devastating moments of my life. Life would never be the same without him. He cared for me so much, hung around the house, and slept in until we departed Malaysia. 

Maybe deep down he knew he wouldn’t see us again, but by his passing, he opened the doors to writing for me. Though I used to write on tiny bits of paper, little thoughts that people refer to as poems these days, I had never showcased them to anyone. But in his passing, I poured my heart out in a poem and published it on a website. A lot of people commented that I should continue writing as they loved it.

I have worked hard at my craft, and though there were not many who participated in a dream revealed, now a passion, I began to put my words out there. Always confident that someday, through all the trials and errors, I will get better and my writing will be accepted.

And, I have finally reached, not so much the pinnacle of success because I don’t know how to measure success. Is it by the money you make? Perhaps. Well then, it doesn’t matter to me, but when I received a Special Invitation to join 9000 poets from 138 countries on 5 continents from Luis Arias-Manzo of Poetas Del Mundo, I know I did my brother right by chasing my dream, or was it his dream? I am not sure.

It was a Special Invitation that Luis Arias-Manzo sent me. He addressed it to me personally.

My brother will be smiling and so will my dad and sister who have joined him since.

These are defining moments that really get me going, to feel that adrenalin rush of success – the success of being acknowledged as a poet. To the many who thought I would give up in spite of all the hurdles I encountered or who laughed at me, I would like to say a big thank you – they just spurred me to greater heights. To the friends who stuck by me – here I am today, a poet of my time. Thank you, my friends.

Thank you Mr. Luis Arias-Manzo. See you in Chile, God willing.


Shobana Gomes

Shobana Gomes

Poet and Writer
Nationality: Malasia


In order to participate in this poetry event of universal significance, where you will have the opportunity to present your art in various communes of Chile, in multiple scenarios, and to varied audiences, such as Universities, Schools, Trade Unions, Libraries, Cultural Institutions, Museums, etc. The participation of the poet in this event is of the utmost importance for what it means as a contribution to the integration of people in a globalized world, however very fragmented.


9 Comments on “To those that laughed, and yet still to those that cried with me.

  1. Congratulations, Shobana, on this notable honor. I’m so sorry to learn about your brother. My deepest condolences. Sometimes, when we find our voices, we realize they were there all along, dormant until events or circumstances set them free. I’m happy for your success, and that your voice has brought you peace and joy over the years. πŸ™‚

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