Herald the bridal month of June

The month of roses, my favorite muse and love.

I have written countless poems on the rose, and some of my best-weaved stories have their fragrance embedded therein. When I was in school, I had a little book of proverbs. I can’t really say whose book it was that was handed down to me. In it,  I used to read things like,  To judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. Time and tide wait for no man. Where there is a will, there is a way, and so on and so forth. Some of the proverbs walked me through life I think. Take watchful steps, you never know when someone will step on your toes.

It is the month of brides. Summer brides abound from East and West, North and South, radiant in their joy of walking down the aisle. Love usually radiates in June. Everywhere you see flushed looks amidst a summery existence. Didn’t the roses bloom for new brides everywhere? Isn’t it funny how flowers arouse? From a bud, into full-bloom, radiating awe to the naked eye, then they wither with neither fragrance nor the will to bloom anymore, in memories to remain – a once upon a time.  

Life is to be lived like the roses. We live and radiate as much beauty and love as we can. Then, when it is time for us to leave this worldly existence, May we have touched the lives of those around us and be remembered with a smile.

Early this morning, I had a note from Robin Sharma. He sends me inspiring notes that truly motivate me.

And he had a quote to share with me, as always about life’s lessons. This time it was a quote from Socrates.

β€œIn front of virtue the gods immortal have put sweat: long and steep is the path to her and rough at first; but when you reach the top, then at length the road is easy, hard though it was.”

What he means is, that it is even more meaningful if you attain success the hard way. Nothing fruitful is attained easily.

I am appreciative of Robin because he was the one person who believed in my craft when no one else did at one time.

So I leave you with that quote. Have a great month of June everyone.


7 Comments on “Herald the bridal month of June

  1. A beautiful post, Shobana! Rose is my favourite too. Have a vibrant June!


  2. Wonderful sharing, Shobana. Dreams are delivered if only they are given the time and effort they deserve. A very happy and hot June to you too. It is an attractive month. haha. Take care. πŸ™‚

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