The candor of the risen sun

So one day she asked, “Why do you say I am beautiful when there is so much more beauty that surrounds you? Why do you look to find a beauty that adorns? 

Do you not see that sunrises bring forth a new day, and in doing so, sunrises bequeath you with warmth, the love for the heavens, and as it adorns the Earth, sunrises are meant for lovers who wait upon its dawning.

Once, there was a man walking by the shores, waiting to see the candor of the risen sun. He had heard that it warms the heart and mind, as he was fatigued with the ways of the world. “Go, look at the rising sun. As you see it spread across the barren sky, you will learn of its wisdom. In a palette of discoloring, it will be graced by that which the sun provides, warmth and beauty.” The man thought about how those words brought him meaning. He had only thought of his discolored life. There were a multitude of ways to lift his doldrum heart if only he could begin to first have authority over his mind.


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