Deja-Vu Moments

The Past,

Your life,

Those Deja Vu Moments,

Will come to pass,

If not for the soul that breathes

Fire in YOU.

It’s another Friday and I can’t help but think that we are already into the 5th month of the New Year. So do you still think of it as a New Year with five months gone past us?

I believe that You and I are still living somewhat in the past with the way things are going. Maybe still crawling out of the long tunnel of past deeds, ways of living, running from the same fears, and feeling lost in between. 

I feel there is not much space left to leave alone in this wide, wide world. There is that feeling that the world has become closeted – a cocoon with misfits living inside. Everywhere it’s a mad rush for GOLD, I am not sure if this makes sense, but if you look at what is taking place throughout the world, the chase for GOLD is very real. In spite of the war, the disease, or whatever humanity stands for, there is that fear that we shall lose out in our pursuit of GOLD. Even in war, there is that pursuit. An uprising always creates winners out of losers. 

Do you have deja-vu moments? They are sometimes linked to a past life. 

If there is karma, you will encounter deja-vu moments. 

Perhaps, I was a princess in the past, maybe a poet even then. I have read a lot of biographies of poets and almost all of them have lived tragic lives. Many are remembered posthumously. Perhaps, they talked to angels and were thought mad by those around them. But then, angels do exist, especially guardian angels. Otherwise, why do we get out of dangers alive? Why do we rationalize and decide what is right or wrong?

Or how do we feel the rays of happiness gurgling inside, like babies do, and then when you look at the sparkle in those shining eyes, imperfections become perfection?

Deja vu moments bring back memories of a past undone. I guess good memories are great to relive. Anyway, I hope deja-vu moments only bring to life great memories – shobana

Well, I am off for the weekend, out of town, to one of the most historic places in Malaysia. Will tell you all about it when I get back. See you soon and have a great weekend.

With our Mom on Mother’s Day

Life is precious so are YOU.

Take care of those around you,

And you will be blessed.


3 Comments on “Deja-Vu Moments

  1. Such a powerful reflection. People are constantly pursuing earthly wealth forgetting that peace is key in everything. As you say it, seems we still live in the past. Amazing. ❤


  2. Great to see you together. May those pretty smiles remain intact. Deja vu is very real. Have a wonderful weekend, Shobana. 🙂


  3. Beautiful thoughts I fully resonate with, Shobana. Imperfections become perfection, so true.


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