Yet Still

There were the crickets

adverse to the clouds that cry,

Though every drop that lashes to the ground,

Concealed their nightly calls,

that created the noise of the night.


There was that rainfall,

Through the windowpanes I watched its glistening transcend,

In some parts,

Flooding villages,

In others,

Dissolving blood and grime.


There was that beauty,

the one who heard the crickets while the clouds cried,

The one whose tears washed away some of the grime,

The shedding of blood,

she thought such a crime.


Then it cleared,

the weather that hounded,

that brought two lovers out into the sunshine,

to embrace each other,

under a blue-clad sky.

Pièces, Sans Cordes: (Un livre de poèmes à chérir) Paperback – April 26, 2022

Pièces sans cordes, le premier livre de poésie de Shobana traduit en français.

Des Morceaux a été écrit pour moi, pour vous et pour l’amour de la création.

Dans toutes les tailles, couleurs et gammes,
Au loin près,
Des chemins obscurs,
Dans le silence,
Dans le bruit,
Dans chaque spectre,
De la faiblesse humaine.


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