A Friendship forged 16 years ago.

A friendship forged 16 years ago.

This Easter was special. We celebrated the day with His Excellency, Mr. Florentino Batista-Gonzalez, Ambassador of Cuba, and his gorgeous wife, Saimi Reyes.

On his first posting here in Malaysia, he was instrumental in obtaining the Medical placement in Havana for @Sasha Gomez.

Havana, when we first visited on her acceptance to do her studies, really shocked me.

Fidel Castro was president at that time. The Caribbean country took me back to the 50s and 60s, and as I have written in my homepage blog before, nothing about it didn’t excite or keep me in awe. The internet was inaccessible, except for the designated places, the girls were exceptionally beautiful and the people truly friendly. There is a park with a statue of John Lennon that I spotted while traveling on a bus. I suppose the Beatles were the rage with them too. And don’t even let me get started on the vintage cars. So cool!!! Definitely, a must-see – must ride in.

Reading the country’s struggles and history left a first-timer like me astounded, especially with the freedom fighters, I got myself a couple of Che Guevara Ts.

Everything was so laid back then, I wonder if it is still the same now.

Before I left Malaysia for Cuba via Canada, a Swedish friend told me about the Cuba-Libre, rum and coke drink, and of course, the Mohito. The nightlife was just like in the movies and only ends when the fat lady sings Guantanamera. Haha. The people are super talented, always with a song in their hearts and a dance in their step.

It was a great experience to visit such a historical country so as to be able to write about it someday.

Our hotel overlooked the gorgeous blue-green seas and gosh, what a beauty of a place.

Anyway, when Sasha graduated, we met H.E. Florentino in Havana after attending her graduation at the University of Camaguey. He took us out to dinner and helped us with hotel accommodation.

A lovely couple. We had such fun recalling past experiences.

Thank you, His Excellency, for gracing our home with your presence together with your beautiful wife.

Till we meet again.


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