Happy Easter

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter!! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your families and friends this Easter.

I started a blitz (ha.ha.) on quotes and guess who is collaborating with me on Pinterest if it’s not the monk who sold his Ferrari himself – the iconic Robin Sharma. He is actually a very humble and generous person who has always inspired me, mentored, and encouraged me to believe in myself and to take my magic out to the world no matter what hurdles I face. Well, the excitement to see his icon on my account is indescribable, haha. Especially since I have only two followers on that account on Pinterest. Oh God, I can’t imagine what he must think! He may have felt sorry for me, haha. It feels great to be acknowledged like that. Thank you, Robin!

I hope you guys will follow me. There are beautiful quotes from Robin too there which I have saved and that will inspire you. Thank you.

Here’s the screenshot which has not stopped me from grinning. You can go here to follow me: https://www.pinterest.com/shobanagomes24/a-little-time-with-shobana

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