Pieces, Unstringed


In every size, color, and range,
In distance near,
Of paths obscure,
In the silence,
In the noise,
In every specter,
Of human weakness,

Of me, of you, and of creation.

I find a reason to fit them together,
Not all fall into a sequence,
Not all fit the spaces
Some to disappear,
Into oblivion,
Some to remain,
Embodied as memories,
Some to forget,
Some to cherish,
Some to stay, 
Just as it is,



When I wrote Pieces, I had just come out of a very fearful time of my life. It was a time of reflection, of beauty sublime that I hid inside when confronted with the fear.

It is published on Shobana’s Book Station. You can go here to get the Ebook for USD1.10.


Have a blessed holy week.

7 Comments on “Pieces, Unstringed

  1. What a talking and moving piece, written well, all words flowing seamlessly into one thought. As i read, i felt like the pieces of my soul were scattered apart like sand dunes in a flary desert and each part seeking earnestly to join to the other to form the initial structure. What a wonderful write. Glad to read from you. Howโ€™re you doing currently, my friend? You don’t write much these days…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lamittan, thank you for your kind words. I am still not so good. I have these severe headaches, so I take it easy for a while. Just taking some time off too. I have things I have been working on, so finishing it slowly. I will come by and read every now and then. My email is overloaded, haha. Glad you liked the poem. Have a blessed holy week, my friend.


      • Oh, I understand. It’s indeed good to take some rest for refreshing and getting over illness. Wishing you quick recovery, my friend and success with your projects. Have a blessed holy week too.

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