Yehyow is yellow for Aarav

Yellow brought a smile to my face this morning,

Aarav says it as yehyow!

I got him a car of that color,

Of course, the green, blue and red mattered.


Children, they teach us to value the colors,

The colors of life, the colors of a season, the colors you pick to be a favorite.


It is in the way they learn from differentiating,

to teach us that colors are meant to be differentiated,

They create and sculpt words around colors,

They build emotions based on colors,

The brightest one changes their perception,

The lighter ones bore if there’s no attraction,

They assemble them, they mix them,

And finally, choose a color to color their little world,

To stay immersed by its affection.


As I was driving into town yesterday, I heard this line from a song, May you dance once again. I thought it so perfect at a time when we are experiencing nightmares of all kinds. These nightmares vary and just when you think you have overcome one, another one springs up.

May we all dance once again, to music that soothes, uplift our spirits, and to a life that was meant to be.

Have a great weekend.

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