For the children of war

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The Story of TEA


About 5,000 years ago, in ancient China, a servant of the renowned herbalist, Emperor Shen Nung, was boiling drinking water when some leaves fell into the pot. The Chinese emperor was sitting under the tree at that time. He then decided to drink the pleasant-smelling, deliciously flavored brew to get a taste of it.

Read a little about the British tradition of drinking tea dating back to the 16th century.

Read about the health benefits of TEA. 

Get your copy of The Story of TEA.

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7 Comments on “For the children of war

  1. I got goosebumps when I listened to your voice, full of empathy and sympathy for those hapless and innocent kids, who have nothing to do with warring groups. Loved it, Shobana!


    • I just came across a news that Olga, 48, Ukrainian mother of 12 children (including 6 adopted) has been killed on front line of war with Russia.


  2. What a moving poem, Shobana. It’s true, a child never heals from the ravages of war. Their world is torn apart, loosing their parents at such a tender age 😢. I just bought and downloaded my copy of The Story of Tea. I’m thrilled to have it. 💖🤗

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    • Hi Lamittan, thanks so much for buying the book. I really hope you enjoy reading it. I have sent you a free book for the purchase. I hope you enjoy the poetry there too.


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