Qu-est-ce-que j’ai fait ce matin?

Qu-est-ce-que j’ai fait ce matin?

Liker ma video et abonner-vous ma chaine, sil vous plait et passez un bon journee mes amis.

What did I do this morning?

I had breakfast at an Indian restaurant and then went to the supermarket for some grocery shopping.

Please like, subscribe to my channel and have a good weekend.

For my friends in France. Thank you.


6 Comments on “Qu-est-ce-que j’ai fait ce matin?

  1. Oh wow, and now I’ve learned something new about you. That’s impressive. How did you learn the language? And great on you for exploring video. It’s a medium I’ve yet to explore.

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    • Hi Stuart, I studied the French Language when I worked with a French Corporation in Kuala Lumpur years ago. Their correspondences were mostly in French and the Director sent me for French classes. The only thing is, I did the basic and intermediate level theoretically but practically had no one to practice it with when they finished their contract and left for France. I had a contract with their HQ for a couple of years, and had the chance to converse in the language., though. I have some friends there and am now brushing up the language and if all goes well, will meet them in France soon, I hope, with the way things are:) I always thought it a romantic language and am for the past few weeks brushing up my listening and speaking skills. So there you go, a French connection I am proud of, haha. Thank you for listening and I must tell you that if I am in the midst of french speaking nationals, I will be lost:)

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