Once, I looked across the distance,

It had the makings of an age-old civilization,

Intrigued, I saw two people walking,

they created another kind of distraction.


Maybe it was the girl, or was it the boy who followed behind,

quietly, maybe hoping the girl wouldn’t turn back,

Shy and awkward, I sensed he wouldn’t know how to react,

if she saw him for the first time.


Would she scowl at the stranger that he was to her?


After a while,

He walked away from her shadow,

and turned his attention to a magnificent cathedral,

an architect of empowerment, of truth and silent worship,

Would there be one to listen to his silent voice of yearning?

In that cathedral, a vision.


I saw him walk inside the building, get down on his knees,

And bow in reverence,

He did seem like he had the world on his shoulders,

Or perhaps he believed that prayers are always answered.


I wondered if he knew that there were countless that went unanswered,

Like the time someone asked for peace, another for sanity,

for love, for kindness, or the time when someone prayed for safe harbour.


When I saw him leave the cathedral grounds,

He had the look of serenity, I wanted so badly to know why,

Perhaps he believed that his voice would rise above the praying rest,

Perhaps he believed that he would be blessed in his prayers, unlike the rest.


6 Comments on “(Un)answered

  1. This shows how faith is so important to the human soul; simply having a belief that someone great somewhere listen to our pleas and is ready to give directions. Quite wonderful my friend Shobana. I love the juxtaposition here.

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  2. Perhaps all he prayed was for strength to deal with whatever life gives him. I find that to be a powerful and peaceful notion. Thank you, Shobana, for the lovely words. 🙂

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