No more an age of innovation

No dreams come to me on these sleepless nights,

There was once upon a time when you came to mind,

Creating dreams that set my world and yours apart.


Now, a vision I see, of flashes of light, sounds of bombs exploding,

A people in plight,

There is a war ongoing.


Fear for the unknown grips me.


I am submerged in mud and grime,

The waters have risen, the clouds above are overflowing,

of a universal folly, I believe.


A people in plight, yet more to come,

They brace a life of uncertainty,

of hardships not felt before,

They live as fearful as those who are at war.


Fear entrenches itself into the minds and hearts of men.


It is a sad, critical situation in Kuala Lumpur with the flash floods. I watched the news on Ukraine – unbelievable what is happening there right now. Elsewhere, not all is at peace, there is so much destruction and violence, sadness, and upheavals.


No more an age of innovation, we have released the demons of destruction.


12 Comments on “No more an age of innovation

  1. SO many desperate situations. Yet people continue to cope and manage. Living is tough but never impossible. Things will get better. Lovely writing, Shobana. 🙂

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  2. Oh my dear Shobana, what a cruelly touching and real poem! This is on a higher level. You’ve drawn a complete picture of what the situation right now feels for those in Ukraine and other war-torn regions. Oh sweet me, aren’t you gifted with a good mastery of images and vivid description!! I felt like crying, I sympathised, I visualised the crimes, and my heart bled terribly. This is bloody and amazing. Sending lots of love to the people of Ukraine. ❤ ❤

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