There was the rain, then came the sunshine

I didn’t know what to write today, then I thought about children, and this came to mind.


It didn’t matter if it rained these days,

The children thought it better than to have an uneventful time,

and miss precious moments of playing together.


It had rained far too long…


Then, they missed the sun.

And they thought of ways to entice it back into their lives again,

so one of them sang,

“Look, come back O sun,

Bring back your rays to brighten our days,

We loved the rain, but we want to run on dry fields again,

Come back, come back O sunshine.”


But, the sun stayed away,

The sad children played under the rain,

until another felt that it was enough, and sang,

“Look, the purple flowers have bloomed,

won’t you shine your rays upon them, then?

and see if you can keep the petals from withering away?”


The sun heard the tiny voices and beamed,

It shone bright that evening and dried the fields for the children to play.

The children, with glee, did run,

while the flowers danced afresh,

the sun was out shining its light,

Upon creation did it spread its warm attire.


Have a great week everyone.


7 Comments on “There was the rain, then came the sunshine

  1. Oh my, what a radiant and riveting poem, Shobana. I love your use of imagery and symbolism here. This is so sweet and a great hit out of the park. ❤❤ Have a wonderful week too.


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