Is there a place to run?

So, it has been raining heavily these past few weeks.

To say that the thunderstorm is heavy is an understatement, as right now there has been a warning issued to braze for flooding citing climate change. And, what else is new?

Such a sad situation all around. There are flash floods, earthquakes in the region, nuclear threats, new strains of viruses, terrorism, wars, endless disruptions to world peace, etc, etc. Who has the right to control our lives I wonder? 

Is there a place to run? To hide? There comes a time to stay and fight. I guess this is the time.


I wish to stay and fight,

But I want to run away instead,

Someplace where the hugs are warm,

And where I find shelter against my storm.


I wish to stay away from the crowd,

Only they keep getting bigger,

It stifles me to be amongst the madding crowd,

But like a hornet disturbed,

Of bees that hide and now disperse,

they raise an ire against my storm,

They push past me in chaotic numbers.


I wish the world was at peace, with me, with you,

Is this what our children will remember,

Once, we, that is you and I,

left them memories that would haunt them forever.


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They found Princess Ciara painting in her atelier. Her painting was that of the Mediterranean Sea. There was a woman who sat on the white sands, looking out into the horizon where the sun met with the seas.

Even in that painting, the winds looked aroused.

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A Catholic, she was the target of Christian persecution by the Muslim terrorist group who had established their jihadist mission at home and worldwide.

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