Flowers instead.

Isn’t this image cute?


I came across this as I was browsing some images to use for my stories, and it put a smile on my face. Imagine the message behind it.


War doesn’t have to be the last resort. There can be other ways to achieve what needs to be achieved peaceably. But then, in a volatile world, words are often dismissed as useless, especially when there is a lack of understanding for human traits and concerns.


All kinds of wars take place in this day and age. I hope an end is in sight at least for the sake of our children.


A new book on Shobana’s Book Station.

The first of my publication on my new Tales of Golden Yonder.

An Egyptian Princess and Her Crowning Glory. Please have a look. Here’s the link.

6 Comments on “Flowers instead.

  1. What a speaking image! Indeed, war doesn’t have to be the only means to achieve our goals. It in fact destroys all good. Love, oh love, is what we can use to change the world… the only source of peace.

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