When God came-a-calling on Poetas-Del-Mundo

Hola everyone, Yesterday my compatriots from Poetas Del Mundo came-a-calling by visiting my blog, and suddenly I thought that I hadn’t posted anything on their website for the longest time – since last September maybe, so I added… Read More

Paved in a blanket of purple

Of gentle flowers they were, A bedded path that leads to a haven of misgivings, -Sometimes what appears on the outside belies reality- . Have you ever taken a route that led to someplace unknown, A place where… Read More

Reaching Out to the Heaven in You – Video

Now on video. With all that is happening in the world right now, we have indisputably become a distracting race, averse to the little mercies of life. We are frequently overwhelmed by fear, remorse, and anxieties that contribute… Read More