A Life to Choose

I don’t know why the world is weary now, weighed down by fighting, torching fires ignite huge flames of discord. . I try to look away, but those images keep repeating in my mind, tortured souls that once… Read More

When your cup runneth over – A podcast

Paperback version available on Amazon. At the First Dawn of Love a miraculous escape, an obsessive love that created history – amidst a 21-st century breakthrough rescue by her local police, assisted by the British, American, French Intelligence… Read More

It is a 21st-century rescue attempt that paid off!

AT THE FIRST DAWN OF LOVE – PART ONE Kindle Edition by Shobana Gomes (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition Kindlefrom $2.99 Read with OurĀ Free App For eighteen years, Marie had been on the run from Islamic State terrorists who had built a caliphate in… Read More