End It!

Don’t you want to see clear skies, hear the laughter of children, watch another sunrise?

End the war-mongering you fools!

End the terror, the muscle flexing, end the superiority over one another.


Don’t you hear the cries of the innocent,

Of those that cower over uncertainty,

Of the children’s look of fear,

Of the people’s livelihood so shaken.


End the need to violate and destroy,

The destruction is massive and the consequences grave,

There is no more peace of mind,

When bloodshed is the dire result.


How many more tears must you shed by your negligence?

Save a world torn, instead of bracing for a Reason,

To kill.


For Ukraine.

7 Comments on “End It!

  1. Ochlagogues the type of Vladimir Putin understand no better language than war. It is sad though, cause war has more harm than good. I totally agree, Shobana, the war should end by all means. ๐Ÿ™


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