A Life to Choose

I don’t know why the world is weary now,

weighed down by fighting,

torching fires ignite huge flames of discord.


I try to look away, but those images keep repeating in my mind,

tortured souls that once fought wars,

now lying in tombs that some may never know or hear of,

buried under the earth’s hardened soil.


How did they die when there is so much to live for?

or Why?


I think countries are broken up for a reason,

Maybe from zealous men who reek of scents

of power

of control



the pride 





Someday, to regret.


No warlords have ever died without guilt or shame,

without innocent blood in their hands,

nor peacefully.


No warlords have ever gone to their graves

without fear

knowing they chose war,

to destroy peace.


No warlords live with rested minds.


A story that just might save the future generation.

At the First Dawn of Love – Part One

5 Comments on “A Life to Choose

  1. Such a touching poem, my friend. It’s a wonder worth mulling over. Why is humanity against itself? Why do we find comfort in war. It’s a painful recount, Shobana. Oh, how I wished our leaders chose peace instead of war. 😒🙏

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